Cleveland Cavaliers have been dealing with a few Injury problems during the preseason, including LeBron James' ankle sprain. The four-time MVP injured his ankle before the preseason and he was sidelined for a few practices and preseason games. Just when he made his preseason debut against the Chicago Bulls, he re-aggravated his injury shorty after and this injury may keep him out of the season opener.

While x-rays on his ankle were negative, there is still a good chance that the Cavaliers will play it safe and give James some additional rest. It is obvious that he is not back to 100 percent, and any additional injury to his ankle could cause him to miss even more than just one game.

For now, he is questionable for the season opener against the Boston Celtics, but head Coach Tyronn Lue sounded rather optimistic when he was talking about his injury.

LeBron talks about his status

LeBron James used his Twitter to post a message regarding his status. The four-time MVP said he's hopeful for the game and that he's excited to play alongside Dwyane Wade. "Hopefully I can be ready to get it going tomorrow night. So excited to have one of the greatest guys on and off the court with us," wrote LeBron.

This game will be very important for the Cleveland Cavaliers, not only because it's a season opener, but because they will be playing against Kyrie Irving.

This will be Irving's first game in Cleveland after he joined the Boston Celtics, and it will be interesting to see how he will do against his former team.

Lue talks about LeBron's injury

Tyronn Lue did not reveal whether or not LeBron James will play in the season opener, but he did sound optimistic about it. James did not participate in the team practice before the final preseason game against the Orlando Magic, but he may be ready for the regular season.

"I think he’ll be OK, though. That would be a tough one for him personally to miss," commented Tyronn Lue, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN. "There’s a lot of hype behind the game but like I told him, we got to be smart about it. It’s just one game, but I think he’ll be OK." LeBron James also commented on his injury, saying that it's testing his patience.

The superstar forward is obviously frustrated with the injury, but he will have to be smart and make sure to get healthy before playing in another game.

If the Cavaliers open their season without LeBron, there is a good chance they will lose the game. Boston Celtics are a tough opponent and the Cavaliers still need more time to build chemistry with new players. However, it would be much worse if James plays but he ends up injuring his ankle again. This would hurt Cleveland in the long run and it's questionable if they could be one of the top teams in the NBA without James and Isaiah Thomas, who will be out for a few more months.

Cavaliers cannot afford to lose James

Last season, the Cavaliers heavily depended on LeBron James.

They were 0-8 in the games he didn't play in and they only won four of such games since his return to Cleveland.

LeBron is still the best player in the NBA and he's the most valuable piece of the Cavaliers. The team cannot afford to lose him as they are in a win-now position. Anything less than a championship will be considered a failure, and it's questionable whether they can even get to the conference finals without their best player.