In a surprising turn of events, isaiah thomas was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this year. Thomas, who is well known for playing with his heart and for giving his maximum effort while playing for the Boston Celtics, was disappointed by the trade, but he doesn't mind being on a championship contender. The point guard is on a mission and he wants to win a championship ring, not only for himself, but also to prove the Celtics how good he is.

While it's true that Thomas is disappointed by the decision the Celtics made, what makes it worse is the fact that he didn't know anything about it.

He recently made an appearance on "Road Trippin'" podcast with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye. The former Celtics guard talked about the trade and how it impacted him, but he concluded that he'd be fine in Cleveland.

Thomas was upset, but now he's fine

After averaging 28.9 points per game in his breakout season, Isaiah Thomas led his Boston Celtics deep into the playoffs, reaching the conference finals. Even though he suffered an injury in the series, he did all he could to make his team one of the best teams in the league. Thomas even played after his sister died in a car accident, which was a big tragedy.

When the offseason started, Kyrie Irving informed the Cavaliers he would like to be traded, and his team made a deal with the Celtics.

Surprisingly, Boston gave up Isaiah Thomas in a package deal, which was just another heartbreak for the point guard.

"I'm not trippin on the trade. I mean I got traded to the Cavs and we're gonna win the championship. At the end of the day, I'm gonna be ok with that," said Thomas on the podcast. He clarified that he was upset mostly because Danny Ainge, the Celtics general manager, did not inform him of the trade, so it all happened out of nowhere.

Channing Frye, on the other hand, talked about his tenure with the Orlando Magic and what happened when he was put on a trading block. Frye said that the GM informed him the team was exploring trades, and apparently, that is all Thomas wanted from the Celtics.

Thomas' injury and return

Isaiah Thomas will be sidelined for a few more months as he needs to recover from the injury he suffered in the playoffs last season.

After his season with the Celtics, NBA fans have high expectations for Thomas, and even though his role will be smaller, he can still play well and contribute. Unfortunately, the point guard will most likely return in January next year.