Paul George has some lingering thoughts about leaving Indiana and they all have something to do with the Pacers fans. In an interview with the former Pacers player on Tuesday, he said, things were done wrong and the timing of his leaving put him in an awkward position. While he may seem to have moved on from the situation, Pacers fans are still holding a grudge for asking to be traded few days before the free agency.

He thanked the state of Indiana for taking him and his family for the past seven years, but things are also destined to change. "Things could have been done a lot better.

The process, that whole ordeal could have been done a lot better. I’ll share some of that responsibility," George said.According to the Indy Star, it was during last season's

Paul George on the Indiana Pacers

According to the Indy Star, Paul George seems to have considered staying in Indiana after he talked to the Pacers owner Kevin Pritchard. It was weeks after when he suddenly announced his request to be traded, something that surprised the Pacers management. George has been vocal about wanting to join the LA Lakers but the Pacers traded him to the Oklahoma City Thunders.

"First and foremost, I want to give thanks to Indiana as a state, for embracing me and my family for seven years of being there.

I learned so much being there. They taught me so much." George added.

Since arriving in Oklahoma, George has spent his time blending with the team, something that he gushed about prior to the start of the season. He praised the team's open communication without leaving anyone out. There are no duos, trios, but a team that totally supports each other.

Despite showing interest to join the Lakers, he recently said that he will give the Thunders another chance to sign him again next season.

Paul George offers advice to Gordon Hayward

Meanwhile, Paul George is one of the first people to offer Gordon Hayward sympathy over the Celtics' star's gruesome injury. George suffered similar injury in 2014 prior to the Olympics.

He said he talked to Hayward and offered him some words of encouragement. It may be a long process but it's definitely a thing that may still allow him to return to playing basketball.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens also sought Paul George's former coach Frank Vogel about how to deal with Gordon Hayward's regimen when he returns. Apparently, Stevens is impressed by Paul George's quick recovery from such major injury that he wants Hayward to receive similar rehabilitation.