The Golden State Warriors had a rough game on Saturday versus the Memphis Grizzlies. They lost the game against the Grizzlies with a final score of 111-101. Routinely, the Warriors allowed players to get behind their defense for easy transition baskets. There were several mistakes by the Warriors that led to turnovers and defective offensive sets. The Grizzlies took the opportunity to score 24 points out of the 17 turnovers by the Warriors.

Stephen Curry had a foul trouble all throughout the game. He was limited to only 30 minutes of game time as he already picked up his fourth personal foul during the last three minutes in the second quarter of the game.

His fifth personal foul was picked up during the last two minutes of third quarter and they were down by 17-point deficit when entering the fourth quarter. Although he was ejected in the game, he led the Warriors with 37 points with six rebounds and three assists. Kevin Durant had 29 points with 13 rebounds, three assists, and a steal in his 40 minutes game time. Klay Thompson scored 14 points with two rebounds and one assist. The Warriors averaged only 39.3 percent shooting from the field, 31.6 percent from the three-point field with 17 turnovers and 55 rebounds.

Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant thrown out

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant got an early start to their Saturday night after both players were thrown out in the last 43 seconds of the fourth quarter of the game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Curry was ejected in the game for the accusation of throwing his mouthpiece at official one of the officials because he got angry over a no-call against the Grizzlies. Chris Haynes of ESPN reported that Curry was ejected for “going off” on a referee while Jon Roser noted that Curry threw his mouthpiece at official Scott Wall.

Kevin Durant was also ejected from the game for cursing a lot while talking with Brian Forte, according to Jon Roser. He was also seen showing his extended finger to the Memphis fans while walking alongside going to their locker room. Durant may draw additional penalties after the obscene gesture towards the Memphis crowd.

Grizzlies defeat Warriors

It was an incredible game for the Grizzlies as they outscored the Warriors with the final score of 111-101. Marc Gasol led his team with 34 points, 14 rebounds, two assists and a steal in his 36 minutes game time. James Ennis III added 13 points with four rebounds, three assists, and a steal. The bench players of Grizzles also showed their potential by giving a total of 41 points. Tyreke Evans led their bench with 12 points, seven rebounds, two assists and a steal.

The Memphis Grizzlies averaged 46.8 percent shooting from the field, 37 percent in the three-point line with 14 turnovers and 49 rebounds.