It has been shown throughout NBA history that tall point guards have value. When you are able to contribute to the defensive and offensive floors in more ways than required at your position, you are considered a virtue. When the Philadelphia 76ers played their star player Ben Simmons as a point guard the game changed. Last season the Philadelphia 76ers won 28 games, the most they have won since the 2012-2013 season. With their newly acquired talents, youth and size, the 76ers should be a team fans can get accustomed to watching throughout the season.

New line-up

After drafting Markelle Fultz with their first-round pick during the 2017 NBA season, many Philadelphia fans expected to see number twenty run the offensive floor. Markelle did not receive a lot of time on the floor during Wednesday's matchup against the Washing Wizards due to missed time during the off-season. Understanding that their former first-round pick Ben Simmons is a complete NBA matchup weapon, the Sixers decided to let him run the offense. The six-foot-ten inch "point-forward" carried the team with his athletic ability as they gave their traveling fans a good show. J.J Reddick continued to contribute from beyond the arch and was accompanied by his teammate Joel Embiid. The talent was evenly distributed.

Dario Saric provided a mid-range shot and good defense off of the bench. Fultz played his role well as he ran the second team floor well for his first NBA game.

This year the Eastern Conference is not as strong. Last year, eastern conference playoff teams won thirty-nine percent or more of their regular season games. Understanding that players such as Carmelo Anthony, Jimmy Butler, Paul George and Rajon Rondo have all left the Eastern Conference, the Sixers will have an easier time dealing with inter-conference play.

Still young

Although the talent level is high, their experience level is not. Veterans such as Amir Johnson and J.J Reddick are handed the task of providing the young talent in the city of brotherly love. Their youngest player Markelle Fultz is nineteen years old and is faced with the task of playing in the NBA. You could see the level of experience throughout the third quarter of action on Wednesday.

The number of turnovers will decrease as the teams play with each other more during the long NBA season. The process might have been extensive but Philadelphia will be a team to watch during the 2017-2018 season.