When Max Scherzer had to leave the Washington Nationals game on Saturday night, fans of the team likely wondered whether they had just seen their World Series hopes leave with him. A franchise that has managed to turn around its sad-sack history has still not been able to find a way to win the whole thing. In fact, postseason success, in general, has been something the squad has not been able to find, even as it has transformed itself into a perennial contender.

With one of the best records in the National League, this was supposed to be the season the Washington Nationals, led by Max Scherzer, won it all.

Then the ace pitcher left his final start of the regular season, the final tune-up with that leg injury. It’s safe to say that Nats fans the world over wondered if they were suffering under the same kind of curse that kept the Chicago Cubs from winning a World Series for over 100 years.

Max Scherzer’s hamstring cramp shouldn’t be long-term issue

As ABC news reports, the Washington Nationals ace left Saturday’s game with what is being called a “hamstring cramp.” That is both good and bad news for the Nats. The bad news is that this is something that could occur more often, as the pitcher continues to work. The good news is that it is something the pitcher should be able to work through, as long as is monitored closely.

While the Nationals had some fans worried when Scherzer was removed, it appears that the team knew all along what the issue is and decided it would be better to shut him down for the night. Dusty Baker briefly addressed the issue after the game. According to Deadspin, the Nats manager said, “Max had a right hamstring cramp.

We took him out for precaution. We gotta make it to the playoffs healthy. So we thought it was better that we make that move, the precautionary move, to get him ready.”

Scherzer underwent precautionary MRI on Sunday

Washington Nationals fans were likely meant to feel better after that explanation. The problem is that while the team was claiming everything was fine, Max Scherzer was scheduling an MRI.

The team said they understood this as well. While they believe the injury was a hamstring cramp, they wanted to make sure that that was the only issue.

It makes sense that the Washington Nationals would want to make sure their ace pitcher is good to go. After that MRI, the team announced, according to ESPN, that it was indeed nothing more than cramps. That seems to mean that Max Scherzer is going to be starting the opening game of the NLDS against the Chicago Cubs.