The end of June is near which means that we are nearly halfway done with the MLB season. It is never too early to hand out awards, so here are your award winners for the National League's highest accolades.

Most Valuable Player: Daniel Murphy-Nationals

It's hard to believe that the Nationals will have three contenders for this award by the end of the season. Along with Murphy, Bryce Harper, last year's MVP, and Ryan Zimmerman are both having outstanding seasons. However, Murphy is having the best so far.

Murphy moved ahead of Zimmerman in batting average to have the second-best mark in the majors.

Murphy is hitting .339 compared to Zimmerman's .338. Murphy has 14 home runs compared to Zimmerman's 19 home runs, while also boasting 55 runs batted in compared to Zimmerman's 61.

While reading this, you might think it sounds like Zimmerman is more deserving. Not necessarily. Murphy has more walks, more doubles, a better on-base-percentage, and more runs scored. Murphy also has struck out 20 fewer times than Zimmerman. This could possibly change by the end of July because they are so close, but for now, Murphy gets the nod.

Cy Young: Max Scherzer-Nationals

Scherzer is leading a charge to become the first Cy Young repeater since Clayton Kershaw did in 2013 and 2014. If Scherzer keeps up his dominant performances, he will also claim his third ever award.

With his stat line, it would be hard to not give it to him.

Scherzer leads the league in earned run average (2.06), strikeouts (151), innings pitched (113), WHIP (0.78) and opposing batting average (.161). He is 9-5 on the season, but in three of those losses he gave up two runs or less.

Scherzer is being challenged by Clayton Kershaw.

The Dodgers ace leads the league in wins with an 11-2 mark. Carlos Martinez would be in the discussion if he ever got any run support while he pitched. Martinez has a 2.88 ERA, and a .199 opposing batting average allowed with his average 6-6 record.

Rookie of the Year: Cody Bellinger-Dodgers

Right now, Bellinger is running away with this award.

He has 24 home runs and 56 RBIs. He is on pace to break Mark McGwire's home run rookie record of 49 home runs. However, Brewers 30-year old rookie catcher, Manny Pina should get some recognition by hitting .288.

Coach of the Year: Torey Luvullo-Diamondbacks and Bud Black-Rockies

It's hard to pick just one right now. We will have to see how the next month pans out to pick a winner. Both of these teams missed the playoffs last year, and now, both teams have two of the top four records in the majors. If the season ended today, the Diamondbacks and Rockies would make the wildcard berths. The Diamondbacks are 1.5 games behind the Dodgers, while the Rockies are 5.5 games back despite being 47-34. July will be an interesting month to see how the NL West separates themselves.