The Buffalo Bills’ underdog status heading into Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons seemed to invigorate the Bills. The team played 60 minutes of tough football. The defense, Tyrod Taylor, and Charles Clay all made big plays that helped set up three Stephen Hauschka kicks for nine points. In the end, Buffalo pulled off one of their biggest road upsets in 25 years, as they beat the Falcons 23-17. Running back Lesean Mccoy, who amassed over 100 yards on the ground and in the air, teased reporters who came into the locker room after the game.

McCoy talks trash after game

After the match-up, LeSean McCoy had some banter with the media who visited the Bills in the locker room, as shown on NFL Network. A shirtless McCoy poked fun at reporters by saying, “Y’all picked us to lose, so y’all talk to the winners. Come talk to us. We want to talk. Y’a’ll picked us to lose, so you want to talk to the winners, right?”

McCoy smiled and then ate some orange slices. The rusher is known for being one of the more vocal and extroverted players on the team. Last week, McCoy alternated between kneeling and stretching during the National Anthem in response to President Donald Trump saying that NFL players should be fired for not standing during the anthem.

He called Trump out for being a jerk, as stated on Pro Football Talk.

Shady credits team for grittiness

Yesterday, McCoy called out his team for a job well done. He talked to Buffalo News about the victory over the NFC Champions. McCoy stressed that his locker room chiding was all in fun and praised the Falcons for having a good team.

While McCoy acknowledged some good fortune on calls during the game, he emphasized that the Bills had a “gritty win” and that the defense played tough.

The Bills’ defense was the key to the team beating the Falcons. Three turnovers and pressuring Matt Ryan helped the AFC East leaders solidify an unexpected upset against a team that was 8 minutes away from a Super Bowl win this past year.

James White's overtime touchdown gave Tom Brady his fifth Super Bowl ring.

The Bills beating a team of such high caliber has made the national media take notice of Buffalo. McCoy posted a positive tweet after the game that read, “To end a great weekend with a ROAD game win ... was great to see some family during the weekend... what a blessing.”

Road wins have been tough for Buffalo. They face another road team next week when they play the Cincinnati Bengals. An AFC win would put the Bills in great shape before they enter their bye week. They would also keep a one game lead over the New England Patriots, who are 2-2 in the division after their loss to the Carolina Panthers.