LeBron James played last night despite coach Lue's statement during the preseason that he may be sidelined during the first game of the regular season. J.R. Smith said during an interview that he doubts James injury will stop him from playing on Opening Night. Smith's statement turned out to be true. Last night's game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics turned out to be something more than just rivalry. It was a game of respect, sympathy, and compassion towards fellow players.

LeBron James post interview after opening night's game

"I'm out of shape, very out of shape for my expectations. I haven't been able to play during the preseason. I played one game and re-injured my ankle. I don't like where I am right now, but we got some practice. These games' going to help me out, but I'm out of shape, but the most important thing is that we got the win and it's going to be a learning experience for us because we got seven new guys, put in a new system," James said.

LBJ's protest night

LeBron James also wore the "equality" shoes, a Nike brand that is part of the company's commemoration of Black History Month. The shoes presented the word EQUALITY stitched at the back end of the sneakers.

According to the Daily Mail, the shoes may have also been James' diss on US president Donald Trump. James has strong words against the US leader and he is not afraid to air them on media day.

James has been vocal about using his money and influence to empower children and let them know that there is indeed a better world waiting for them.

"...not one individual, no matter if it's the president of the United States...can stop your dreams from becoming a reality," he adds.

James, meanwhile, addressed Gordon Hayward's injury saying, "First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to Gordon. It was a pretty gruesome injury and if anybody was watching, and I hope for his speedy recovery." In a separate interview with LeBron, he also mentioned how he has witnessed similar injury from Paul George and Kevin Ware on the NCAA.

Such injury could be career ending but he hopes that Gordon and his family will be able to get through it and recover fully.

James scored 29 pts. to route the Boston Celtics and win their first win of the season. He has two days to rest and recover from a sore ankle before the Cavaliers will have to face the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday at the BMO Bradley Harris Center. He hopes to be able to fully recover before Friday.

The NBA opening night also featured the Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors with a score of a 122-121 win over the Warriors.