The Cleveland Cavaliers did almost nothing at the start of the 2017 NBA offseason but then made a flurry of moves to end the offseason and have an All-Star team once again, albeit a slightly older one. However, one player who has played as part of the past few NBA Finals was not happy with one move that Cleveland made concerning his position - Kevin Love.

Kevin Love on the move to center

When the Cleveland Cavaliers headed into training camp this season, they made a big move. Kevin Love, the long-time All-Star power forward was moved to center in place of former starter Tristan Thompson.

While Tristan was one of the top centers in Cleveland, head coach Tyronn Lue needed to make a chance to implement the lineup he wanted.

Tyronn Love chose to start Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade, Jae Crowder, Kevin Love and LeBron James as the Cleveland Cavaliers starting five with Tristan Thompson coming off the bench. That is an impressive starting five, a move that also moved J.R. Smith to the bench as well.

However, while fans might think that Tristan Thompson would be the player frustrated with the change at center, it was actually Kevin Love who said he was frustrated with the move. The Cavaliers star said that it was a change for him and he still finds himself wanting to cover the opposing big man.

However, Kevin Love is working hard to try to figure it out and said that it comes with the growth of the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. He said that soon they will be "a machine" and things will really start clicking.

Tyronn Lue also said that Kevin Love was frustrated at first with the change to center. However, Lue also said that Love enjoys the new challenge now and they will see how it works.

What does moving Kevin Love to center do?

One has to wonder about moving Kevin Love to center and sending Tristan Thompson to the bench. The other option would be starting Thompson at center, putting Love back at power forward and sending Jae Crowder to the bench. That puts the Cavaliers in a tough spot, one they were in last season when the Golden State Warriors beat them in the NBA Finals.

In that specific lineup, Tristan Thompson is in there as a great defensive presence but he is a non-shooter. This means that defenses just have to worry about stopping LeBron James in the paint. With Kevin Love in the paint now, that gives the Cavaliers a huge shooting star that defenses have to worry about, making Cleveland even tougher to defend.

In their Opening Night win over the Boston Celtics, LeBron James lead the team with 29 points and 16 rebounds while Kevin Love also finished with a double-double, putting up 15 points and 11 rebounds. They were the two stars of the offense and defense and finally puts Love in a position to really show the Cleveland Cavaliers why he is so valuable to the team.