Trust J.R. Smith to say what he feels about the Cleveland Cavaliers' newly acquired players, after all, the franchise efficiently lured superstars to the team. According to Uproxx, Smith is not complaining, he's actually gushing over how easily the Cavs acquired Derrick Rose without sacrificing too much. And he's right because, in July, Rose signed a one-year deal with the Cavs for a meager $2.1 million contract.

J.R. Smith's comment about Derrick Rose

During an interview with J.R. Smith, he said "To get D-Rose for what we got him for is just…We still look at it, like, ‘Man I can’t believe we got him for that.

We got him for nothing almost.” He regarded Rose's talent on the floor as "unbelievable," while also mentioning the incredible talent of Dwyane Wade. Despite the issue of his playing time because of Wade's arrival, Smith refuses to divulge the topic, instead, praised Wade for his professional approach to the game.

J.R. Smith on Dwyane Wade

“You can tell how serious he takes the game. Day in and day out, you gotta appreciate that," he adds. Meanwhile, LeBron James said, never in his wildest dream that this day would come when he can actually play with D-Rose instead of against him. "I thought he had a helluva season last year. And people don’t really see it because of the chaos that was going on in New York.

I’m excited to have him here because I want people to know that D-Rose can still play the game at a high level," he said.

Derrick Rose has been in the spotlight since the start of the preseason after LeBron injured his ankle. Apparently, both D-Wade and D-Rose have led the Cavs in their pre-season match in the absence of James.

It's not a secret how Rose suffered a knee injury during the 2010-2011 NBA season. His torn ACL required surgery that eventually sidelined the player for the entire 2012-2013 season. He returned during the subsequent season with a less promising performance for the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers also acquired Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics after he traded for Kyrie Irving.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, Thomas is unable to play during the first two months of the regular NBA season due to a hip injury. Coach Tyrone Lue, on the other hand, revealed that Thomas has already made a significant amount of improvement and is expected to play with the team before January 2018.

Isaiah Thomas was traded alongside fellow Celtics teammates mainly Ante Zizic and Jae Crowder.