Cleveland Cavaliers have done a great job putting their team together for the upcoming NBA season, but there is no doubt that they will have a lot of issues. Beside chemistry issues, which will be the consequence of many roster changes, the Cavaliers will most likely deal with health issues as they are one of the most Injury-prone teams in the entire league.

The Cavaliers played their first preseason game last night as they hosted the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland ended up losing the game as Atlanta blew them out by 16 points. However, they suffered another loss as Iman Shumpert had to exit the game due to an injury.

With the regular season just around the corner, the Cavaliers cannot afford to lose more players as it could drastically impact their record next season.

The injury

Iman Shumpert entered the preseason opener in the first quarter, but he only managed to play two minutes before suffering an injury. Shumpert hurt his ankle and was forced to leave the game immediately after it. The guard had two shot attempts and one rebound during his time on the court.

Interestingly, Shumpert is not the only player on the Cavaliers who is dealing with an ankle injury. LeBron James hurt his ankle during the team practice last week, and he had to miss the preseason game due to it. While it's unknown when James will be back, the injury should not be serious and the four-time MVP should be ready before the regular season starts.

Shumpert will soon be examined by the team's medical team to determine how bad the injury is. The guard has gone through many injuries throughout his career, but he managed to appear in a career-high 76 games last season.

The Cavaliers are prone to injuries

It all started with the trade that brought Isaiah Thomas to Cleveland.

While the Cavaliers got the better end of the trade as they received many valuable pieces in it, it was obvious that Thomas' injury would be a huge problem for them. The point guard suffered an injury in the Eastern Conference Finals this year, and it seems he will be sidelined for a few more months.

Shortly after the trade, the Cavaliers added Derrick Rose, whose career was ruined by an injury, and Dwyane Wade, who is also known for being prone to injuries.

Beside these two players, the Cavaliers now have to deal with James, Shumpert and Thomas. It will be a tough season for the Cavaliers if they cannot stay healthy, and things haven't been going in their favor so far.