The Houston Rockets beat the Golden State Warriors with a final score of 122-121 on Tuesday at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The Rockets played a solid game despite struggling with their free throw shots. They went 48.5 percent from the field, 36.6 percent from beyond the arc, and 68.4 percent from the free throw line. The Warriors were up big, early, but the Harden and the Rockets found a way to get a win in their first regular season game.

Eric Gordon explodes for 24 points

Eric Gordon played an incredible offensive game against the Houston Rockets.

He contributed 24 points, one rebound, one steal, two blocks and one assist in 29 minutes. He went 9-of-16 from the field, 0-of-6 from the three-point line, and 6-of-8 from the free throw line. Gordon missed all six of his three-point shots against the Warriors, but he showed that he can also attack the basket, he scored 24 points even without making a single three-pointer.

Aldridge does a bit of everything

Chris Paul had a great all-around game in his Houston Rockets debut game, against the Warriors. He made an impact on both ends of the floor, contributing four points, eight rebounds, 11 assists, two steals and one block. He did shoot the ball very poorly, as he only shot 22.2 percent from the field and zero percent from beyond the arc.

It is clear that Chris Paul is not yet 100 percent comfortable with the Houston Rockets but defeating the Warriors in his debut game is a pretty good achievement.

PJ Tucker scores 20 points

PJ Tucker had a solid game for the Houston Rockets as he contributed 20 points, six rebounds, and one steal in 29 minutes. He shot 66.7 percent from the field, from the three-point line, and from the free throw line, combined.

Despite how good the Rockets already are, the West is still a very tough conference this year. Tucker will need to play consistently well so that they can get a winning record in the west. The NBA season is just starting, but a win against the defending champions may be the perfect way to start it.

James Harden looking like an MVP

James Harden had a really great game offensively against the Golden State Warriors. He was able to contribute 27 points, six rebounds, 10 assists, and one steal in 36 minutes. He went 10-of-23 from the field, 4-of-9 from beyond the arc, and 3-of-4 from the free throw line. James Harden looked pretty amazing for the Rockets. Everyone thought his output may decline with Chris Paul joining the team but it seems like Harden is becoming even more efficient now that he has Chris Paul by his side. The Rockets start the NBA regular season with a win against the Golden State Warriors on opening night.