The WWE departures just keep on coming. Earlier today, WWE announced the release of several superstars. Among the superstars who were served their walking papers are Darren Young and Summer Rae, but there is one name on the list that is causing outrage among fans.

Emma is the top name who was released from the company. The star’s departure from WWE has been buzzing on social media. Fans were quick to express their displeasure over Emma leaving. Many didn’t expect the superstar to be leaving since she was a key player in "RAW’s" women’s division.

However, the shocking announcement is just one of the many obstacles in Emma’s whirlwind career.

Emma's wrestling journey

Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, began her wrestling career in her home country of Australia. As a child she grew up watching WWE and that inspired her to pursue a career in wrestling. By the age of sixteen, she was already training to become a wrestler and started making appearances for local companies.

In 2008, she sought help from former wrestler Lance Storm to help with her training. With the assistance of Storm, she was able to improve as an athlete and her skills caught the attention of other wrestling promotions. She’d go on to work for companies such as Shimmer, along with Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

The star’s big break came in the summer of 2011, when she signed a contract with WWE. She would then report to the developmental territory NXT, which was then known as Florida Championship Wrestling. Now going by the new name of Emma, the wrestler became a crowd favorite due to her matches with Summer Rae and Paige.

In early 2014, Emma was moved to the main roster.

She was featured sporadically in the audience, watching the matches. Many assumed she would be feuding with the Divas champion AJ Lee. However, Emma was paired with Santino Marella for a comedic tag team, which was a disappointment with fans.

A few months following her main roster debut, Emma found herself in legal trouble when she was arrested for allegedly shoplifting an iPad case from Walmart.

The charges against her were later dropped, but the arrest didn’t set well with the WWE. Following her arrest, the company released her, but due to fan backlash they rehired her a few hours later.

A year after her main roster debut, Emma was sent back to NXT for further training. During her second tenure with NXT, Emma would go on to feud with Bayley, Charlotte, and Asuka. After just one year in NXT, Emma would once again be called up to the main roster. One of her big storylines upon her return was teaming with her good friend, Dana Brooke. The two women would begin a feud with Becky Lynch. However, the feud was short-lived after Emma suffered a back injury, forcing her out of action.

It was during her recovery time that WWE decided to repackage Emma by giving her a modeling gimmick and changing her name to Emmalina.

After four months of showing vignettes Emmalina made her debut by saying she was transitioning back to the old Emma. The gimmick was reportedly scrapped because the producers felt the gimmick wasn’t a good fit for Emma.

After the failed Emmalina gimmick, Emma returned to her heel side. The star began to be featured prominently in "RAW’s" women division. At the "No Mercy" PPV, she competed in a Fatal Five-Way match for the Women’s Championship. Recently, she was featured in the debut match of Asuka at the "TLC" PPV.

Emma's future

The departure of Emma is a shocking blow to the WWE. After years of bad luck, it appeared that the company was finally using the star to her potential. Many fans expected her feud with Asuka to continue or for the wrestler to be involved in the women's match at "Survivor Series." Now, those storylines are up in the air.

While Emma may not have had the star power that other women on the roster have, she was still beloved by fans and her departure is a huge blow to the women’s division. She could go to the indie circuit like many other WWE superstars have done, or she could try her hand at modeling, which is something she’s been active in throughout her career. Whatever Emma decides to do, she’ll have the support of her longtime fans.