Last week the Dallas Cowboys beat the Arizona Cardinals 28-17. This leaves the Cowboys with a record of 2-1 while the Cardinals at 1-2. As the Cowboys begin their winning streak, the controversy over kneeling during the National Anthem continues. Dallas tight end Jason Witten spoke out about the controversy. Some fans around the NFL have been quite vocal in their response to the National Anthem controversy, and ticket sales have been down although some fans are still attending the games. Witten also mentioned that he is four years older than the coach of the Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay.

McVay is the youngest coach in the NFL at 31.

Dallas Cowboys Witten speaks out

The controversy over NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem in protest of racial oppression has continued. Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten took the time to comment on the protests. The Dallas News quoted Witten as saying that "when things get hot in the kitchen you don't just walk out." Witten said he wasn't sure how to respond to the controversy, but he did know that there were certain ways not to respond. During his 15 years with the Cowboys, he has often been a team captain making decisions for the team. He said that the way to handle the situation was to talk through it and to listen because that is what leaders do.

Western Journalism said that Witten believes unity is the answer, and he revealed how he will respond to the controversy. Witten knelt with the Cowboys before the National Anthem was played and then stood during the anthem. He said that he believed in the flag and all that it represents, and he will continue to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.

Witten further stated that he felt it was an honor, and he would continue to do it until he died.

Witten's motivation in Dallas game

USA Today reported that Jason Witten has found motivation for the game against the Los Angeles Rams in that he is four years older than the coach for the opposing team. This is the first of many firsts in Jason Witten's career.

While Sean McVay, the coach for the Rams is just 31 years old, Witten is 35, and it was reported that he is still running hitch routes with the best of them. He didn't see this as a negative since he's not the only player who is older than McVay. Instead, he saw it as a sign. He saw this as motivation to keep going. In a preseason game against the Rams, Witten asked his friend Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth what he thought about it. Whitworth said he "owns it."