Could one of WWE’s popular Superstars be leaving the company? According to recent reports, former Cruiserweight champion Neville may have quit the WWE. Rumors began circulating when he wasn’t featured in the main event "Cruiserweight" lumberjack match on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Neville’s absence along with news of his unhappiness with the company has led many to believe his time with the WWE is up.

Neville's wrestling career

Like many wrestlers, Neville began his career on the indie circuit. At the age of eighteen, the English native began working for various wrestling promotions across Europe.

Neville, who went by the name of Pac while on the indie scene, wrestled for companies such as One Pro Wrestling and 3 Count Wrestling.

But it wasn’t until Neville came to America, that his career began to pick up. He wrestled for the popular federations such as Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Throughout his independent career, he wrestled future WWE Superstars like AJ Styles, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens. He also won numerous championships, making him one of the most sought after wrestlers.

The WWE took notice of the young athlete and in July of 2012 offered him a contract. Once he reported to the NXT developmental center, he started going by the name of Adrian Neville, which would later be shortened to Neville.

A few months later, Neville made his debut on NXT television, where his high-flying moves won over the crowd.

Aside from winning over the crowd, Neville accomplished a lot during his 2 years in NXT. He won the tag team championships twice in the span of a year. But it wasn’t until February 2014, when he beat Bo Dallas to win the prestigious NXT championship.

His championship reign lasted seven months before he lost it to Sami Zayn.

In March 2015, Neville made his long-awaited debut on Monday Night Raw. During his first year on the main roster, Neville feuded with Stardust and Bad New Barrett. He also made competed at the big PPVs such as The Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

In 2016, Neville’s character took a different turn when he went from babyface to heel.

He would then join the Cruiserweight division, where he made a successful impact. Neville prospered in his new heel role. Calling himself The King of the Cruiserweights, Neville showed he was the top star in the division by winning the championship twice. His most recent title reign ended when he lost to Enzo Amore at the No Mercy PPV.

Neville's next move

Many assumed Neville’s feud with Enzo would continue following their match at No Mercy. But with reports that Neville is leaving, that storyline appears to have ended. While there hasn’t been any actual confirmation of his departure, fans are furious that he’s leaving. Many have taken to social media, blaming WWE for not using the star to his full potential.

This isn’t the first time a SuperStar has been upset with WWE. Earlier this year, Austin Aries left due to frustrations with how the company was using him. Cody Rhodes is also another star who left because of creative differences.

Whether Neville stays with WWE or goes to another company, fans will continue to root for him. He’s shown that he’s a top star and can succeed anywhere he goes. WWE’s loss is someone else’s gain.