This offseason has been eventful for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans. The offseason started really bad as the team lost their general manager, and shortly after, one of their best players. However, the reigning Eastern Conference champions managed to bounce back and build a great roster. Not only do they have great players now, but they are also expected to be more competitive and oppose the Golden State Warriors.

The Cavaliers' latest addition to the roster is Dwyane Wade, who joined the team shortly after reaching a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls.

While adding Wade to the team was a great move, the Cavaliers were close to signing his former teammate, Udonis Haslem. Cleveland was interested in Haslem and he even considered their offer. However, he ended up signing with the Miami Heat, the team he has played for since 2003.

Cleveland wanted to sign the veteran free agent

Shortly after the free agency started, the Cavaliers expressed their interest in the veteran free agent. Udonis Haslem was a free agent as his $4 million deal with the Miami Heat came to an end. It all happened in early July, and even Haslem's son posted a picture edit of his father wearing a Cavaliers uniform.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, Haslem's tenure with Miami could have come to an end this offseason as the veteran forward considered joining the Cavaliers.

When Jackson asked Haslem if he thought of joining Cleveland this offseason, this is what he had to say: “Yeah. I got an interesting call from Cleveland. My son is out there [as a student and football player] at the University of Toledo in Ohio. It was something to consider.”

The forward also said his agent talked to the Cleveland Cavaliers as well.

However, he ended up signing another contract with the Miami Heat, his one and only NBA team. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else,” Haslem said. “I’m all heart and going somewhere else, my heart just wouldn’t be in it." He added how Miami is the best place for him and that he wants his team to win a championship trophy because of their hard work.

Reunion with Dwyane Wade

Udonis Haslem was also asked if he regrets his decision because Wade signed with the Cavaliers. The forward said that it would have been funny to play with Wade there, but that he doesn't regret his decision. Haslem was eventually signed to a $2.3 million contract and he is expected to finish his career in Miami.

If Haslem signed with the Cavaliers, that decision would have been heartbreaking for the Miami Heat fans. They recently lost Dwyane Wade to the Chicago Bulls and the Cavaliers, and losing another long-time player would have been really bad.