When the Cleveland Cavaliers host the Boston Celtics next week to signal the start of its 2017-18 NBA season campaign, only two from its starting lineup last year will remain. Of course, gone is Kyrie Irving, who incidentally, will now be playing for the Boston Celtics.

Now, Cavs head coach Ty Lue is cooking something special for the Cleveland fans. He wants to test his strongest lineup: Derrick Rose (point guard), Dwyane Wade (shooting guard), LeBron James (small forward), Jae Crowder (power forward) and Kevin Love (center). This early, coach Ty is making sure they will avenge their 2017 NBA Finals loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Wade in, Smith out

J.R. Smith already knew that when Dwyane Wade signed a one-year contract with the Cavaliers last month, that he will soon find himself coming off the bench. And it did come true. But he’s not bitter; in fact, he’s happy that his career will prolong with the arrival of Wade, “As long as we win, I don't care, honestly.”

For coach Ty, the decision came easy. “I just wanted to do it,” he said when asked about his decision to replace Smith with Wade at No. 2. He acknowledged the fact that Smith was part of the starting lineup of the Cleveland Cavaliers team which went on to three straight Finals.

“But like I said it's about sacrifice if you want to win. JR was great about it. Just knows he has to have a different role right now so we'll see how it works,” the Cavs coach said as posted by ESPN.

Cavs' new backcourt

Irving and Thomas combined for a total of 272 three-pointers during the last regular season (Smith only played 41 games). So does the combination of Wade and Rose plan on surpassing that feat when they only made 58?

“My 3-ball is looking nice right now,” Derrick Rose said when asked what are his plans in helping the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the 2011 NBA MVP won’t hesitate to do what he does best – attack and penetrate the basket – even after his fourth knee surgery. “I'm just trying to make the game not only easy for myself but easy for the team,” Rose said.

On the other hand, Dwyane Wade doesn’t believe in analytics and statistics. He’s more practical; he just wants to help win games whenever he’s on the court.

The 2006 NBA Finals MVP acknowledged the fact that because he, Rose and Jae haven’t been able to play with one another, a number of adjustments are needed to be done; learn their coverages and execution, and hope to bring back their game legs in time.

The rest of the Cavaliers

Like any other NBA teams, the Cavaliers starting lineup will continuously evolve while players familiarize each other’s styles of play. Plus, the imminent return of Isaiah Thomas on the hardcourt is expected to happen by January. But more importantly, the presence and the leadership of LeBron James remain.

While it’s true that the Cavaliers' starting lineup may offer a little outside shooting, look at who’s coming off the bench.

JR Smith, Kyle Korver, Channing Frye, Richard Jefferson, and Iman Shumpert – all of them are licensed outside shooters.

There’s Jeff Green, whose connection with Rose looks like they have been playing all these years. And then there’s Tristan Thompson who remains as the Cavaliers’ final line of defense. While coach Ty still has a few more days to decide who will make the final cut; this early, the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers is starting to look good.