Cleveland Cavaliers are having way too many problems early in the season as they are struggling to win games and to stay healthy. While there is no doubt that they will bounce back and start winning games, it is questionable whether they can stay healthy for the rest of the season. The Cavaliers are prone to injuries and their health will probably be the biggest factor that will determine their success this season.

Iman Shumpert, who suffered his second injury in October, is among the players who are dealing with injury issues. The opening month of the season wasn't good for the Cavaliers, but they are hoping to improve and get back on track in November.

However, they won't be able to count on Shumpert in the next few games as the guard is expected to be out for at least five more days.

Shumpert's injury update

Iman Shumpert injured his right knee last week and he was sidelined against his former team, the New York Knicks. Unfortunately for Cleveland, the Knicks blow them out, making them fall to a 3-4 record on the season.

Shumpert will have to miss a few more games as he will undergo treatment and rehabilitation for his right knee. The Cavaliers will play three of the next four games at home, so hopefully they won't need the guard to win games. In one of those games, the reigning Eastern Conference champions will play against the worst team in the conference, the Atlanta Hawks.

Considering that Iman Shumpert will be out, we can expect his minutes to be divided among other Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith, and Kyle Korver. However, considering that the Cavaliers are dealing with multiple injuries, we might see head coach Tyronn Lue make a few more changes to the lineup.

Even though some of their upcoming games should be easy, there is no guarantee that the team will go above .500 very soon.

Cavaliers' injuries

While the Cavaliers have plenty of shooting guards on the roster, they don't have enough reliable point guards. As a matter of fact, Iman Shumpert was used as a point guard against the New Orleans Pelicans, simply because Cleveland did not have many other options.

Isaiah Thomas will be out for at least two more months and Derrick Rose has been dealing with injury problems as well. Fortunately for the Cavaliers, Rose is expected to play in their next game. Even though the point guard skipped the scrimmage on Tuesday, the head coach is expecting him to play against the Indiana Pacers Wednesday night.