This year's NBA offseason was incredibly exciting and fun, and it had some unexpected twists. Whether it was Kyrie Irving's departure or the new big 3 in Oklahoma City, NBA fans mostly enjoyed everything that happened during the summer, and it will have a great impact on the league next season. However, as great as the offseason was, things might get even more exciting next year.

Cleveland Cavaliers, who have made some drastic changes to their roster this summer, might form another super team next offseason. While this was considered impossible a few months ago, the Cavaliers now have two out of four pieces necessary to form that super team.

With Dwyane Wade and LeBron James already on the team, the Cavaliers would need to sign Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul to complete it. Fortunately, both Anthony and Paul will be free agents next summer, and it is very likely they will join the Cavaliers and dominate the league.

Super team in Cleveland

It is important to note that all of these players will most likely be free agents next year. Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade have expiring contracts, while LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have a player option for 2018/19 season.

While Anthony and Paul will be playing on mediocre teams in the strong conference, Wade and LeBron will most likely make it to the NBA Finals once again. Unlike the two Cavaliers, Paul and Anthony have never played in the NBA Finals, and joining the Cavaliers would be their chance to do it.

Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets earlier this summer, but it is unlikely that the Rockets will be able to make some noise in the playoffs. On the other side, Carmelo Anthony joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, who now have a big 3 with him, Paul George and Russell Westbrook. However, even if this team goes deep into the playoffs, the Thunder most likely won't be able to retain their huge contracts for another year.

Wade and LeBron

Dwyane Wade signed a minimum contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers just a few days ago. Even though he will be a free agent next summer, it is very likely that he would accept another minimum contract to play for a championship contender.

LeBron James has a player option worth over $35 million for 2018/19 season.

If James accepts it, he will stay in Cleveland for one more year, but his contract will limit Cleveland in signing other players. Ideally, LeBron would opt out of his contract then sign a new deal for less money.