It looks like isaiah thomas has developed a selective denouncement on Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge after he recently admitted: "not wanting to talk to him again." But Ainge has had enough of his public tirades against him or the "loyalty" he often talks about. Thomas made it clear that he has nothing against the Celtics and its fans but for the franchise GM, in particular, it's a different story.

During an interview on Sports Illustrated, Thomas let out a statement that quite touches a very personal message to the Celtics owner. "Boston is going to be all love," he said.

"I might not ever talk to Danny again. That might not happen. I’ll talk to everybody else. But what he did, knowing everything I went through, you don’t do that, bro. That’s not right. I’m not saying eff you."

Danny Ainge's responds to Isaiah Thomas

Danny Ainge is done staying quiet about Thomas' statements. While he truly understands his feelings and tried to stay clear of negative words during the trade talks, Ainge has had enough and is ready to fire back at Isaiah. "I can’t be sure. I just know that Isaiah gave us all he had. He was a Celtic...came to Boston, found a home, and played unbelievable basketball last year," Ainge said. "But I don’t know what we owe him." Thomas had the opportunity in Boston, and the city was more than accommodating to give that to him.

Maybe Ainge was right, maybe the Celtics don't owe Thomas anything, but the guy played his heart on the court when his sister died, and it was one his best games ever. He worked his way on bringing the franchise to the top spot in the Eastern Conference and the Celtics acknowledged that. Maybe it's time that both parties move on and concentrate on their respective teams.

IT's Cavalier timeline

Isaiah Thomas is expected to play for the Cavaliers before the year ends and not later than January. Thomas suffered a hip injury that prevented him from playing all throughout the trade talks. The Cavs knew of his health condition but went through with the trade. Previously, coach Lue lauded the player's quick response to treatment saying, Thomas has made a significant improvement in just three weeks of rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, Thomas expressed his sympathy for Gordon Hayward and his family after the latter had a gruesome injury against the Cavs on NBA opening night. He visited Hayward in the Cavs locker room where he received treatment prior to being transported to the hospital.