Derrick Rose fell to injury during the Cleveland Cavaliers win over the Milwaukee Bucks, the team's second win of the season. Cleveland has since lost their first game of the year without Rose in the lineup and that has caused Dwyane Wade to ask to play from the bench to try to help his team win. However, there is another problem because Derrick is likely to miss two more games at the minimum with his injury before the Cavs get their starting point guard back.

Derrick Rose injury update

According to ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin, Derrick Rose will miss at least the next two games, which sees the Cleveland Cavaliers battle the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

According to McMenamin, Rose is still rehabbing his ankle.

Derrick Rose himself said that he will not rush his way back and will return when he knows he can help the Cleveland Cavaliers. The good news is that the injury isn't nearly as bad as it originally appeared to be. The ankle injury came when Bucks center Greg Monroe hit him in the head with a flagrant foul.

Rose fell awkwardly to the court and that is when the Cavaliers point guard suffered the ankle sprain injury. However, despite not playing in the Cavaliers loss on Saturday to the Orlando Magic, Derrick walked out of the training room without a limp or any tape around the injured ankle.

Cleveland Cavaliers new lineup changes

The Cleveland Cavaliers struggled hard in the loss to the Orlando Magic.

WIth Orlando winning by 19 points, it was clear that the Cavaliers were missing something and it was only partially due to the loss of Derrick Rose because of injury.

There were two major problems with the Cavaliers in this loss and the first of which is the struggles of Dwyane Wade. That might be solved when Wade asked to step down and move to the second team to allow J.R.

Smith to move back into the starting lineup.

The Cavaliers made it to the last three NBA Finals and the moves this year hasn't made them better yet. Wade hasn't scored double-digits yet in a game this season.

However, a big problem is the loss of Derrick Rose. While he is not the player that he was when he won the NBA MVP with the Chicago Bulls, he started out the season looking strong.

With Rose out of the Magic game, the Cavaliers went with Jose Calderon as the starting point guard and he scored only two points.

Until Derrick Rose returns, the Cleveland Cavaliers don't have a legitimate starting point guard and need to find something to keep them alive.