The Cleveland Cavaliers came out strong and beat up the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday, beating them by the score of 116-97. However, the win came with a tough break as well with an injury to one of the starters. According to Bleacher Report. starting point guard Derrick Rose suffered a sprained ankle in the win over the Bucks.

Derrick Rose injury prognosis

The injury came after Rose has scored 12 points, hitting three of four shots in 23 minutes. However, the injury doesn't look good for the former MBA MVP. According to Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, Rose is expected to miss the Saturday game against the Orlando Magic and he also said the injury "doesn't look good."

This is just one of many injuries over the career of the Cleveland Cavaliers new point guard.

In the 2012 playoffs, Rose tore his ACL and the former NBA MVP was never the same since. Derrick Rose appeared in 64 games last season with the New York Knicks, and 66 games for the Chicago Bulls the season before that. However, last season ended early with a torn meniscus in his left knee.

After his amazing 2010-11 season, Rose played in 39 games, 10 games and 51 games over the next three seasons. Things looked to be getting off to a good start finally playing alongside LeBron James, Kevin Love and Dwyane Wade in Cleveland. Rose scored 14 points in the season-opening win over the Boston Celtics.

What's next for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Isaiah Thomas is the starting point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers but he won't be able to play until late December at the earliest.

The Derrick Rose injury means that Jose Calderon will end up starting for the Cavaliers when they play the Orlando Magic on Saturday.

Calderon is a newcomer to Cleveland and only played in 41 games last season while splitting time between the Atlanta Hawks and the Los Angeles Lakers. He is a 12-year veteran with a 9.6 point-per-game average.

However, he can't be a long-term solution for the Cavaliers so the team has to hope that Derrick Rose will return sooner rather than later.

Another option is starting both J.R. Smith and Dwyane Wade but neither man is a natural point guard so that might not be optimal. Iman Shumpert is also an option to work while Rose is out but LeBron James will handle the ball most so a traditional point guard is not as necessary.

The Cleveland Cavaliers might have a problem here. Derrick Rose has watched his field goal average drop over the last five seasons but he hasn't been able to remain healthy through entire seasons. Losing him in the second game to an injury isn't the best sign for the new season but shouldn't come as a surprise.