On Monday the Cleveland Cavaliers moved Dwyane Wade to the bench after losing to Orlando on Saturday. J.R. Smith will resume his spot as starting shooting guard for Tuesday's game against Chicago. The move is all that surprising given Wade has averaged a career-low 5.7 points on 8.3 shots this season, and went 2 of 8 shooting for five points in a 114-93 loss Sunday. While Wade has started all but 11 games since 2003, it was a questionable move by Cavs coach Tyronn Lue to replace Smith with Wade.

Wade will lead 2nd group

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Wade approached Ty Lue and requested to be benched.

In a statement, reported by NBA.com, Wade said, "Before I decided to come here -- we talked about the team, what the team was and we both talked about the opportunity for me to kind of lead the second group. But we also both talked about what I have always done my whole career -- I've always started."

When Wade initially arrived at the Cavs, Lue told the player the second group was the best fit for him, but Lue eventually allowed him to start, since that is what he has done his whole career.

However, according to Dime Magazine, there may also be another reason for having Wade start for the Cavs. Wade's relationship with LeBron James may have played a factor in the decision, with this season being aimed at keeping James in town. Keeping James happy by letting him play starting line-up with Wade may have been a motivator in benching J.R.

Smith to allow Wade to start.

Wade requested the change

Wade himself admits he'd better off leading the second unit, rather than starting. He did, after all, request the change. With small wonder, even though Wade has spent his whole career starting, he knows when things aren't working on the court the way they should be. He may be a 12-time All-Star however, he knows a 28 percent shooting rate isn't going to cut it.

J.R. Smith will retake the starting shooting guard spot from Wade, however, his record is not much better. Smith, so far, has totaled only 19 points, but after losing by a 21 point gap on Saturday to Orlando, the swap may be what the Cavs need. Lue is still trying to find the best fit for the starting line-up this season, and his tinkering may give him some options early on in the season when it comes to finding the best fit, according to Cavs Nation.

It certainly is impressive to see a player recognize whats best for the team in that way and remove himself from a starting position. Lue said it best to Cleveland.com, "For a future Hall of Famer and a guy that's won three NBA championships to come to the coach and see what's best for the team, that's big time."

While Lue may be struggling with a new-look roster, and tinkering to find the best fit for his starting line-up, clearly he has himself a team rather than a bunch of players who are more worried about themselves.

And that could go a long way for the Cavs, who will benefit from cohesion, and teamwork, rather than in fighting. Even Smith showed this when he stated he was hurt about being replaced by Wade but vowed to not cause a disruption on the team over it, according to NBA online.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will play the Chicago Bulls at home on Tuesday.