After opening the 2017-18 NBA season with big wins over the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks, the Cleveland Cavaliers fell hard to the Orlando Magic in a game where newcomer Dwyane Wade said the team is still trying to discover their roles. That might come easier when they get their starting point guard back from injury and Derrick Rose said that he won't be out as long as originally feared.

Derrick Rose injury timeline

The Derrick Rose injury happened in the second Cavaliers win of the season over the Milwaukee Brewers when center Greg Monroe hit him hard in the head/neck area.

Rose fell awkwardly and ended up with an ankle injury. The blow was illegal and when the NBA reviewed the hit, they upgraded the Monroe penalty to a flagrant foul 1.

Before the Cavs loss to the Orlando Magic, Derrick Rose walked out of the training room without a brace or a limp. There wasn't even tape on his ankle. Ankle sprains can be a lingering issue but this one turned out to be a very minor sprain.

Rose said that it was a "mild sprain" and there is nothing seriously wrong with the ankle. He said he got a lot of treatment on the injury since it happened and the Cleveland training staff is on top of it. The former NBA MVP also said that he is continuing to work on his conditioning and is in great shape right now.

Derrick Rose won't rush back even with Bulls on the docket

The Cleveland Cavaliers will try to rebound from their blowout loss to the Orlando Magic when they take on the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night at home. Before Derrick Rose joined the Cavaliers, he was supposed to be the future and marquee player for the Bulls. However, after winning the NBA MVP and taking them to the Eastern Conference Finals, he suffered a serious injury and was never the same before finally leaving for the New York Knicks.

The game with the Chicago Bulls might be a big one for fans, especially since Derrick Rose has mentioned in recent interviews that he tried to recruit LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to join him there before they formed the Miami Heat superteam. However, Rose played the Bulls last season with the New York Knicks, so the story of the former star player playing his old team is old news.

Derrick Rose doesn't seem concerned if he misses the Chicago Bulls game, saying that if he doesn't feel well by game time, he would rather be patient than rush his way back. Jose Calderon struggled in his start in place of Rose against the Magic, but the Cleveland Cavaliers likely won't have problems with the rebuilding Bulls (0-2).