The WWE divas and women's superstars have been known to partake in some sexy photo shoots over the years. The tradition has continued even with the WWE dropping the "divas" moniker for the latest era of women's wrestlers. However, that hasn't meant that the photos have become any less sexy, or those unfortunate wardrobe mishaps don't still happen. This was the case evidenced by CJ Perry aka "Lana" in a recent bikini Photo Shoot that involved her husband Rusev, and yes, a cow.

What happened?

As the New York Post reported, CJ Perry, also known as "SmackDown Live" superstar Lana, was part of a recent bikini photo shoot at a farm.

During the shoot, she was posing in her bikini while husband Rusev was milking a cow. As Lana was hunching over to watch Rusev's milking technique with the cow, apparently one of her breasts became exposed outside of her bikini top.

Lana posted a comment with one of her photos on social media saying, "Couples that milk cows together stay together. Happy Anniversary @RusevBUL." The bikini wardrobe mishap quickly led to social media users pointing it out what happened in their comments on Twitter or elsewhere. Lana didn't really respond to the incident just yet, although she has been active on social media and outspoken in the past.

What's next for Lana & Rusev?

While WWE never seems to hate a bit of extra exposure they've tried to shy away from making their women's superstars seem like objects. However, this was a simple mishap and no worse than any of the stolen and leaked images or videos that were released of other WWE women's superstars.

As for her career with WWE, Lana tried a brief stint as a women's wrestler on "SmackDown Live" where she challenged Naomi for the women's title a few times, but that has since ended.

She's now become aligned with Tamina Snuka on the "blue brand" as her ringside manager. Meanwhile, Rusev hasn't really been doing much since losing to Randy Orton in a very quick match at "SummerSlam."

Both of these superstars have been featured on E! Network's "Total Divas" with attention given to their big wedding. Lana has been seen in all sorts of sexy outfits on that show, and probably won't stop posing in them while she can.

Many of the WWE women's superstars look towards careers beyond the ring in modeling, endorsements, and of course, reality television. Lana already has her start on those paths.

As for Rusev, one can only hope that WWE finds a good way to incorporate him into the program or else he may become one of the latest WWE stars to leave for their competitor TNA.