The latest episode of WWE's "SmackDown Live" took place on Tuesday, September 19th from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Once the show started, "SmackDown" Commissioner Shane McMahon made his return to the ring and cut a promo about what Kevin Owens did to his father on last week's episode. He promised vengeance for the McMahon family and condemned Kevin Owens to a lifetime of pain and "Hell in a Cell." Shane left the ring after his promo as he set the tone for the night ahead.

Match results & highlights

Randy Orton defeated Aiden English in the opening match.

It was surprising in that it went over eight minutes. English delivered a boot to Orton late in the match and then went to the corner to jump at Orton. However, Randy was ready and struck with a quick RKO for the win. Post-match, Rusev made his entrance and talked about how Orton disgraced he and his family at "SummerSlam" PPV. Rusev went to the ring and signaled for the ref to start a match.

Rusev defeated Randy Orton via pinfall in under 40 seconds. Orton had an early RKO attempt but Rusev shoved him away. Aiden English was still ringside and jumped on the apron. Orton was distracted by English taking a cheap shot and turned around into a kick from Rusev who then scored a pinfall.

Jinder Mahal cut a promo about Shinsuke Nakamura saying the people chant for his music and dance to his entrance but it's just to hide their own prejudice.

He said behind Nakamura's back people say he gets his hair cut by a dog groomer and people call him "Mr. Miyagi." Jinder closed the promo speaking in his language.

AJ Styles came to the ring for his United States title open challenge. He cut a promo about Shane McMahon being the reason he's there and being glad Shane gets a chance at revenge on Owens at "Hell in a Cell." Styles brought up Baron Corbin being a "shortcut king" and said he can "huff and puff" but won't "blow down the house that AJ Styles built."

The Baron Corbin vs.

AJ Styles match never started. Corbin attacked Styles before the bell and beat him up into a ring corner. The referee tried to get Corbin away. Tye Dillinger ran in for a save, taking down Corbin and then clotheslining him out of the ring. Corbin held his ankle on the outside and Tye went after him. Corbin retreated into the ring where Styles hit him with a flying forearm and then put the Calf Crusher on his hurt ankle.

Charlotte Flair made her return to "SmackDown." In the ring she spoke about all the support fans gave to her and her father. It made her realize how precious life's moments are and she needs to make every moment count for her and her dad.

Natalya came to the ring to interrupt Charlotte saying she's glad her father is doing better but they have to discuss something more important. She said she was there to hold the WWE's first Celebration of Women. Natalya mentioned famous women from history and pop culture including Florence Nightingale, Oprah Winfrey, and Amelia Earhart. She said she wants to honor one woman in particular who completed a journey that Earhart couldn't. Natalya unveiled a big picture of herself.

Charlotte said she was glad Natalya came to the ring to interrupt her because she wanted to challenge her for the women's title. Becky Lynch interrupted next and then said with all due respect to Charlotte and Ric, the "SmackDown" women's title should be with her.

Naomi came out next and said she represents her cats and wants the title back. Next was Tamina who came out with Lana to talk about why she deserves the title shot. Eventually, "SmackDown" GM Daniel Bryan arrived out and booked a Fatal 4Way for the main event to determine who No. 1 contender is.

The New Day defeated The Hype Bros in just over eight minutes. The win came at the end when Kofi broke up a pinfall by Zack Ryder. Mojo Rawley came into the ring but Kofi tossed him to the outside and then dove out onto him over the top rope.

Back in the ring, Kofi and Big E teamed up to hit Midnight Hour on Ryder for the pinfall win.

Dolph Ziggler cut another promo, this time mocking Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and D-Generation X. Ziggler called himself the greatest performer in WWE history. He said the people don't care about him and he doesn't care about them.

The main event

The main event match featured four of the top women's superstars competing in a Fatal 4Way match. The winner of the match would move on to challenge the WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion Natalya at "Hell in a Cell." Competing in the match were Becky Lynch, Naomi, Tamina, and Charlotte Flair.

Tamina had taken control heading into commercial, but after the break, the three other women teamed up to take out Tamina.

Naomi hit a leg drop on Tamina and had a pinfall but Charlotte broke that up. Becky tried for her exploder suplex move on Flair but Naomi hit a Springboard splash from the apron to take them down. Becky got sent out of the ring and Naomi was able to get a submission locked onto Charlotte with Becky breaking it up.

Later in the match, Tamina gained control. She hit a Samoan Drop on Becky before going to the top rope to hit a huge splash. Tamina had the pinfall but Naomi got involved to break it up. Lana yanked Naomi to the outside and Naomi delivered a kick to her.

As Naomi got on the apron, Tamina knocked her back to the floor. In the ring, Charlotte was ready and delivered a Big Boot to knock down Tamina for the winning pinfall. Charlotte celebrated her win as "SmackDown Live" concluded.