Jinder Mahal held the WWE championship title, but it seems that the modern-day "Maharaja" has a list of contenders who are ready to challenge him - supposedly, there are four WWE superstars that have a shot.

The wrestler has been the Wwe Champion for more than 116 days. Back at "Backlash" in 2017, Jinder defeated Randy Orton and gained the championship. The latest rumors are that the WWE champion will not hold the title for long. Shinsuke Nakamura is speculated to dethrone Jinder Mahal for the championship within the next few months.

Can Nakamura defeat Jinder Mahal?

The "King of Strong Style” is no doubt an excellent wrestler and he has the potential to take over from Jinder. WWE will probably save a match for Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal at a big event. Hell in a Cell 2017 pay-per-view is on its way, and Nakamura will take on Mahal. If Mahal still retains his WWE championship, there would probably be another match at WrestleMania 34.

According to The Bleacher Report, Nakamura has a great chance against Mahal. Another leading contender is John Cena as he stands as the second best contender against the WWE champion. WWE is famous for giving their fans a surprise especially at WrestleMania events. That said, the WWE champion might just make it through until WrestleMania 34.

Many of the WWE fans believe that Jinder has held the title long enough. As for John Cena, he could return to SmackDown Live right after he has completed his task with Roman Reigns. The advantage is that John Cena is still a WWE free agent, and he could return at any moment.

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles is on the list

It turns out that Jinder has a lot of great wrestlers standing behind him for his title.

Getting past Nakamura and Cena is not an easy task. Nevertheless, AJ Styles and Kevin Owens are also believed to be other wrestlers who could win the WWE championship. AJ Styles stands in third position after Nakamura and Cena. There is no secret that Styles was previously the WWE champion. He is an experienced wrestler and he could win the title once again.

WWE is full of rumors, and there might be a fight between Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34. That said, Mahal might need to deal with Kevin Owens and John Cena. Kevin Owens is all set for a Hell in a Cell match to take on to take on Shane McMahon.

There will be no surprise if Cena becomes the next WWE champion. One thing that is certain is Jinder Mahal will have at least one contender to defend his WWE champion title.