Enzo Amore was getting a lot of backstage heat in the WWE and it all came to a head when Roman Reigns actually kicked him off the tour bus recently. There were rumors that Amore might be on his way out of the company but that didn't happen. In a recent podcast, Chris Jericho said that Enzo was "bulletproof" because of his over-the-top character and the fans still love when he comes out to the ring.

After his feud with former tag team partner, Big Cass ended too soon due to an injury to Cass, the WWE moved Enzo Amore to 205 Live to start work with the cruiserweights.

However, WrestlingINC reported that he is already rubbing a lot of the cruiserweight stars the wrong way.

Enzo Amore rubs people the wrong way

Enzo Amore and Big Cass both were getting backstage heat in the WWE and a lot of the problems was due to Enzo and his inflated ego as well as Big Cass standing up for him against everyone who was rubbed the wrong way. When Roman Reigns kicked him off the tour bus, it brought back memories of Chris Benoit kicking The Miz out of the dressing room years ago for poor locker room etiquette.

In a previous interview with Booker T, The Miz was the only person who was kicked out of the locker room that was able to work his way back and become a star. Enzo Amore didn't look like he would be one of the lucky few of the WWE.

Now that he is rubbing the 205 Live stars the wrong way, it doesn't look good.

Shawn Daivari, a former WWE wrestler whose brother currently works in 205 Live, said that Enzo Amore is talking down to the cruiserweight wrestlers. When the rumors started that Enzo was heading to 205 Live, he mocked the move on Twitter, which likely didn't make the other cruiserweights happy.

Enzo is even trying to give advice to wrestlers that are clearly better than him in every aspect of in-ring work.

Enzo Amore future in 2015 Live

Enzo Amore is working an interesting gimmick on 205 Live. He is clearly still a fan favorite, as the crowd still eats up his promo skills every time he opens his mouth. However, he is cheating to win all his matches and it is a great move considering his lack of Wrestling skills.

There are signs that the WWE is moving Enzo Amore into a feud with Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. He is nowhere near as good as other WWE superstars on 205 Live but he can do something no one else on the show can do - lead audiences into matches with his promos.

It is unlikely that the WWE would have someone like Enzo Amore beat a great wrestler like Neville for the title on 205 Live. However, he should bring more eyes to the product as long as he doesn't cause a rebellion with other cruiserweight wrestlers.