While he gets a lot of flack from wrestling fans for his status in the WWE, Triple H has done more than almost anyone to build the future of the company and professional wrestling in general. He has helped turn NXT into one of the most exciting wrestling brands in the world, kickstarted the cruiserweight show "205 Live," and is now preparing to launch the WWE U.K. brand as well on the WWE Network.

When asked about his relationship with Triple H, new WWE U.K. Champion Pete Dunne said that Triple H was the reason that the U.K. wrestlers are shining right now.

Triple H and the WWE U.K. brand

The WWE fans got their first look at the WWE U.K. wrestlers in the WWE Network tournament to crown the first U.K. Champion, something a 19-year-old named Tyler Bate won. However, while most fans in America only knew one or two of the wrestlers in the tournament (Mark Andrews and maybe Trent Seven), they came away with an appreciation for the British style of wrestling.

Tyler Bate won the tournament and became a huge hit for American WWE fans. When Bate defended his title against Pete Dunne at "NXT TakeOver: Chicago," the fans fell in love with both stars and chanted "wrestle forever" and "this is awesome." It was one of the only five-star matches of the year and Dunne credits a lot of that to Triple H.

In an interview with WWE.com, Pete Dunne said that Triple H has been "incredibly supportive" of the U.K. wrestlers and allowed them to wrestle the British style without having to change everything to the WWE American style of wrestling. He said that Triple H allowing him and Tyler Bate to go out on "NXT TakeOver: Chicago" and show American fans what they could do -- something he is grateful for.

Pete Dunne on WWE U.K. wrestling

This summer, the WWE U.K. wrestling brand will debut on the WWE Network. The WWE is pushing this hard, going as far as to have WWE Hall of Fame legend Jim Ross return and commentate along with Nigel McGuinness. That is a huge selling point for the show and adding wrestlers like Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, and Wolfgang will make it a must-watch for WWE Network subscribers.

Pete Dunne said that the best thing about the new WWE U.K. show is that the wrestlers will get a chance to show what they can offer to the WWE, with the hope of working more major shows as time goes on. Dunne said this is all due to Triple H and the faith he has in them. Dunne mentioned that this has allowed them to work on NXT, work main roster tours, and even go backstage at WrestleMania. The best is still to come.