The Staples Center in Los Angeles housed a "WrestleMania" caliber card of matches for WWE's "No Mercy 2017" pay-per-view on Sunday. Among the biggest events of the night was John Cena battling Roman Reigns one-on-one, and "The Beast" Brock Lesnar defending the WWE Universal Championship against "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman. Here are all of the WWE "No Mercy 2017" results for the latest "Raw" exclusive PPV.

Match results

The WWE "No Mercy Kickoff Show" featured Elias collecting a win against Apollo Crews. Otherwise, the show featured the standard match previews and predictions from the panel on the WWE Network.

In the opening match of the main pay-per-view, The Miz defeated Jason Jordan to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The match went over 10 minutes with Jordan getting in an offensive flurry late in the bout. Dallas went to the top rope and Jordan saw him so he suplexed him off. Jordan got a pinfall soon after on Miz but the ref was busy with Dallas who was still in the ring. Miz kicked out of the pinfall and Curtis Axel was able to hit a cheap shot from the outside. From there, Miz hit the Skullcrushing Finale to get the win.

Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt via pinfall in a "Man vs. Man" match. Before the match even started, Bray Wyatt attacked Finn causing referees to have to come check on him.

Wyatt talked on the mic about what he did to the fans' "hero" and called Balor a "coward."

That seemed to fire up Finn Balor who battled back through various moves and won in over 11 minutes. The finish saw Bray hit a few throw moves to toss Finn across the ring before Bray got on the corner for a pose. Balor went over and kicked him and then dropkicked Wyatt into the corner to hit Coup de Grace for the win.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose retained their WWE "Raw" tag team titles in an epic battle against Sheamus and Cesaro. The challengers really worked over the champions in this match. At one point, Cesaro had teeth knocked loose or out, bloodying his mouth up. Despite the heels trying to keep the champs from any sort of tag, Rollins and Ambrose managed to evade the trap and kick out of pinfalls.

Late in the match, Rollins was able to escape Cesaro on the apron and deliver his high knee to Sheamus. Ambrose hit "Dirty Deeds" to collect the pinfall win.

Alexa Bliss retained her WWE "Raw" Women's Championship via pinfall over Bayley in a Fatal 5-Way match. There were plenty of big spots in this match including a double Samoan drop by Nia Jax on Sasha Banks and Bliss. Another spot saw Jax powerbombed by Emma and Bayley from the apron after Sasha and Alexa hit a double-team move on Nia from inside the ring. The close saw a savvy champion manage to elude Nia charging at her in the corner. With Nia out of the ring, Alexa tossed Bayley into Emma knocking her off the ramp and then hit a DDT on Bayley for the win.

Roman Reigns defeated John Cena via pinfall. In an epic battle between two of the WWE's top superstars, it seemed John Cena finally met his match. Cena hit plenty of power moves on Reigns including an Attitude Adjustment off the corner. That wasn't enough to pin Cena, though. In another spot, Cena cleared off two announcers' tables to try to AA Reigns onto one.

Reigns countered and speared Cena into one of the tables, crashing through it. Later in the ring, Cena found an opportunity to surprise Cena with a huge spear to collect the victory. Post-match, Cena raised Reigns' arm up to praise the win. After Reigns departed the ring, Cena sat in the corner for a bit to think it over before getting up to acknowledge the fans.

Was this Cena saying he's leaving for a bit?

Enzo Amore won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship by pinning Neville. The champ looked dominant throughout, but Enzo used some cheap tactics in the end. After bringing the Cruiserweight title belt into the ring, the ref took it away from Enzo so he couldn't use it as a weapon. With the ref's back turned, Enzo kicked Neville between the legs and then collected a pinfall to win the title.

Main event match

Two behemoths finally clashed in the ring for the main event as Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Universal title against Braun Strowman. The challenger looked good early on as he weathered a German Suplex and quickly hit a chokeslam to put Lesnar down.

Lesnar kicked out of an early pinfall attempt after a Strowman powerslam. For a while, "The Beast" seemed to be having trouble with Strowman who kept overpowering him.

Lesnar finally found an opportunity to lock the Kimura Lock onto the bigger opponent. It dazed Strowman who tried to smash Lesnar in the corner to break the hold. Lesnar kept it locked on and Strowman fell to the mat. While Braun was able to grab the bottom rope to break it, but the arm seemed to have taken some damage.

The injury would come into play several times as Braun found himself struggling to make pinfalls when he should have. There were several spots where it seemed he might have the win, but the champ kicked out. A surprise F5 came out of nowhere and finally subdued Braun for good as Lesnar collected the pinfall.

Post-match, Brock leaned over near the bottom rope as Heyman checked on him. Brock shook his head in amazement at what he just managed to go through. That concluded the latest WWE "Raw" exclusive pay-per-view.

Next up for the roster will be the WWE "Tables, Ladders, and Chairs" PPV next month featuring the debut of Asuka.