On Sunday night, WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss had to face tough odds as she was booked in a Fatal 5-Way match with her title on the line. Competing against her were top competitors including Bayley, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Emma. However, Alexa managed to escape once again with the championship still in her hands due to a clever and savvy finish to the match. Here's the latest recap on Bliss' successful championship defense at the "No Mercy 2017" pay-per-view.

Match recap

The women's championship match included plenty of exciting moments and big spots.

At one point, Sasha Banks had a brief one-on-one battle in the ring as the other women were knocked outside. However, Nia Jax grabbed Sasha Banks' leg and yanked her to the outside before tossing her into the barricade.

In a later moment, Alexa Bliss tried to jump at Nia Jax after getting some offense in on her. Jax caught her and then went over to hit Sasha on the top rope with Alexa. From there, Nia got Sasha on her shoulders with Alexa and hit a double Samoan Drop on both women.

Later on, Bayley was knocked to the outside of the ring where Nia Jax already was. Sasha Banks, Alexa, and Emma battled inside the ring. Emma went over the ropes as Nia got on the apron and the two battled. Emma managed to stun Nia there briefly and then went to the outside to try for a powerbomb.

She couldn't budge Nia on her own so Bayley went over to try to help. Sasha and Alexa teamed up in the ring to deliver a dropkick to assist them and Nia was power-slammed to the outside floor.

Bliss retains

The close saw a flurry of moves from the various women's stars. Bayley hit her finishing move on Bliss, but Sasha rushed over to break it up.

Jax got back into the ring to hit a leg drop on Sasha and took the pin, but several of the other women broke up the pinfall. Alexa grabbed Emma and tossed her out of the ring. From there, Bliss retreated to a corner. Nia charged at her and Bliss avoided her so that Jax hit the corner and fell outside the ring. Bliss shoved Bayley into Emma who fell off the apron.

From there, Alexa hit her DDT finisher and pinned Bayley for the big win.

Post-match, Alexa was interviewed by Renee Young on the ramp. She talked about there being a lot of stars in Hollywood but there's only one "Goddess" Alexa Bliss. She posed with the WWE "Raw" Women's Championship up on stage before heading backstage. Alexa also appeared on the post-show with "The King" and Renee where she spoke about a possible upcoming challenger, as seen the clip above.

WWE fans, are you surprised Alexa Bliss retained her title at the "No Mercy" PPV?