The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California will serve as host site for Sunday's WWE "No Mercy 2017" pay-per-view. It will feature two of the biggest monsters from the "Raw" roster today competing for the WWE Universal Championship. Current champion Brock Lesnar has been holding the title for months now but will face his biggest challenge to date as he goes one-on-one against Braun Strowman. Will "The Monster Amongst Men" stand tall over "The Beast" once the final bell has sounded for their match on Sunday? Here's the latest Braun Strowman vs.

Brock Lesnar preview including matchup odds

Match buildup

For months, Braun Strowman has shown himself to be a destructive force in the WWE "Raw" roster. From his earlier squash matches against James Ellsworth to more recent battles he's had against Roman Reigns, Braun truly is deserving of the No. 1 contender's spot. Strowman recently destroyed John Cena on WWE "Raw" ahead of this match. He also showed more of what he's capable of against Brock as part of the Fatal 4Way at the "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view.

Brock Lesnar survived that battle at the "SummerSlam" PPV, managing to escape with his championship. That was despite taking a powerslam through the announcers' table from Strowman and then having a table dumped on top of him.

Still, Brock has set the bar high for champions on the main roster, despite the fact he's not around quite as much as other superstars. Lesnar has defeated Goldberg for the title and defended it successfully against Samoa Joe and then three men in last month's PPV match. Will he be able to outlast Strowman in a one-on-one encounter next?

Who will win?

Over at the Irish sportsbook Paddy Power, they are offering odds for the Strowman vs. Lesnar match. Currently, Brock Lesnar is the favorite at odds of 1 to 4 to win. Braun Strowman is the underdog with 5 to 2 odds to upset the champion. Most fans would love to see a new champion especially after Strowman has put to work on the "Raw" roster.

The plan going forward for a while has seemed to be that Brock Lesnar will continue on with the WWE Universal Championship. That will probably hold true unless some sort of random injury or other mishap happens to him. Lesnar is expected to hold onto the title until next year's "WrestleMania 34" where he is likely to defend it against either Roman Reigns or John Cena. So watch for Brock to pick up a win but possibly in a way that still protects Braun who has been a dominant force on "Raw."