Both teams on the blockbuster trade between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers are moving on but some personalities in the NBA seem stuck on the issue. In a recent podcast on "House of Strauss" by Ethan Strauss, NBA Agent Warren LeGarie said something about Kyrie Irving's agent, Jeffrey Weschler and it has everything to do with badly manipulating trades in order to gain recognition. LeGarie accused Weschler of "shaking things up" and make his client believe he is working to protect them.

Warren LeGarie's statement

In a rather bold statement made against Kyrie Irving's agent, LeGarie said "Jeff likes to manufacture his own self-importance.

So he creates some issues that really weren’t issues but Jeff decides ‘I need to shake things up a little bit." But he is not just talking about Kyrie Irving being traded to the Boston Celtics. He also mentioned how Darius Miles' case was also messed up by Weschler, creating issues that will be to his advantage.

Jeffrey Weschler has few players under his management and some are even retired. Some of these players include Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic), Quentin Richardson (Retired), Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics), and D.J. White. According to LeGarie, he has the feeling that Weschler is trying to impress Irving and has gone to the extra mile of manipulating issues in order to come up with the Boston Celtics trade.

Weschler has not commented on the issue but looking through how Kyrie Irving's trade unfolded, his name was never really mentioned at all. If he wanted the attention, it's likely that his name came out in the trade talks.

Kyrie Irving traded to the Boston Celtics

In June, Kyrie Irving requested to be traded in hopes of finding a team that will be able to maximize his potential on the court.

Despite rumors that his reason for leaving had something to do with not wanting to work with LeBron James anymore, the Celtics star confirmed in a press conference during his presentation with the Celtics that his move was purely motivational.

During the course of the trade talk, Irving hardly talked to the press while Isaiah Thomas of the Boston Celtics poured out his sentiments.

Kyrie has yet to comment on the allegations thrown to his agent but for now, everything seems to be working for Irving and Weschler.

Another player-agent who recently made it to the headlines is Andrew Wiggins and his former agent Bill Duffy. Wiggins let go of Duffy after talks on a max-deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves.