seth rollins is currently working with Dean Ambrose, a partnership which WWE fans are lauding. Despite their past, the former Shield brothers are embroiled in a storyline which could net them the WWE Raw tag team championship at SummerSlam 2017.

That familiar Shield fist bump between the two sent the WWE fans wild with Rollins and Ambrose set to face current tag champs Cesaro and Sheamus at the Barclays Center this Sunday (Aug. 20). If both can work cohesively, the Shield (or at least two-thirds of it) could walk away as new titleholders. What happens beyond that is anyone’s guess.

In search of a new finisher

Speaking of Rollins, some may have noticed him doing away with Triple H’s finisher – the Pedigree. The last time that most saw that was at Wrestlemania 33 and The Architect shed more light on it in an interview with the Mirror.

Obviously, he inherited that move from the WWE COO. Best linked to Triple H, Rollins abandoned the finisher with the intent of coming up with something authentic moving forward. The former champion wants to showcase something original, a finisher that would be trademarked on him.

Before the Pedigree, Rollins did have that punt kick which drew a lot of criticism. At the moment, he is working on a move called the Ripcord Knee. In a way, it brings back memories of that old move.

Then again, it does make sense since it does turn his weakness (right knee) into a deadly move – inadvertently affirming that the Architect is back to 100-percent health.

Storytelling and potential aftermath

The angle involving that finisher should make sense, and Rollins knows how it can be a deadly maneuver against anyone. Would that include Dean Ambrose?

After anxious moments before ending up as brothers once more, there were trust issues between the two – and for a good reason. Most know how Rollins turned on Ambrose and Roman Reigns and apparently that is still fresh.

Rollins and Ambrose may be united for now. But at some point, seeing another betrayal may be in the books.

It could be either, and the only thing that remains to be seen is who makes the turn and when.

Could it happen at SummerSlam?

There is no telling what will happen at SummerSlam. A loss could spark such unless the creative team wants to prolong the semi-Shield reunion. If they win the titles, that falling out may take some time.

Last year, Rollins figured in a title-match and lost to Finn Balor. Now, he gets a chance to win another major title with Ambrose in two. Will it happen this Sunday? Tune in to SummerSlam 2017 this Sunday when it goes down at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.