If you like defense, then the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers matchup Sunday afternoon was the game of the week for you. When you think of Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, you think scoring and a lot of it. However, that wasn’t the case this afternoon at Lambeau Field. Nevertheless, you can bet that these two teams will both be in the 2017 NFL playoffs, and if they happen to meet up again, surely the sparks will once again fly!

Packers defense shines

The NFL football world knows that the Seattle Seahawks have a great defense - as in one of the best in the entire league.

While the Seahawks defense played great today against the Packers, it was the Green Bay defense that was a bit better. The Packers held the Seahawks to just three field goals the entire game, as they pressured quarterback Russell Wilson seemingly every time he dropped back to pass.

Green Bay held the Seahawks to just 225 total yards of offense and did not allow a touchdown. Even more impressively, the Packers held Seattle to just 12 first downs the entire contest. If this is a preview of things to come, the Packers may be the most improved team on the defensive side of the ball from last season.

Rogers great second half the difference

The Green Bay Packers trailed the Seattle Seahawks 3-0 at the half, despite out gaining the Seahawks and leading in time of possession.

But like all great quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers found a way to figure out the Seahawks defense just enough to get the win. But Rodgers’ shining moment came on the Packers final drive of the game.

With 6:17 left in the fourth quarter and the Seahawks trailing 17-9, the Packers received the kickoff and never gave the ball back to Seattle.

Rodgers drove the ball down the field, converting several first downs and grinding out the clock. Rodgers got the Seahawks to jump offsides twice on the final drive in key situations helping to secure the victory. The Packers held the ball (39:13) for nearly twice as long as the Seahawks (20:47) did.

Looking ahead to next weekend, the Green Bay Packers will take on the Atlanta Falcons in an NFC championship rematch next Sunday night.

The crowd will surely be in a frenzy in Atlanta when the Falcons play their first regular season game in their new home, Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The game will be in primetime starting at 8:30 ET. The Seahawks will make their home debut next Sunday when they host the San Francisco 49ers. Sorry Niners, the Seahawks will not be in a good mood when they hit the field next weekend!