Paul George is in Los Angeles to model the all-new Thunders uniform from Nike's "Statement" uniforms but before that, an interview with the NBA star revealed his thoughts about his new team. According to NBA TV's Dennis Scott, George is happy to start his new season with the Thunders. He also mentioned that talking to coach Bill Donovan allowed him to realize what he needs to do for the team and he's confident their relationship is growing.

Recently ranked No. 12 in Sports Illustrated's NBA rankings, the 27-year-old forward has a lot to say about improving himself physically on the court.

"This summer I really wanted to attack the weight room and strengthen my body, strengthen my core. I can definitely say that that was the next step to be able to sustain the wear and tear throughout a whole season. So I'm going for it. I'm going for that hardware," George said.

Paul George eyes the MVP season

When asked whether his physical transformation has something about entering the MVP season, Paul George admits he's going for it. Apparently, he has trained every year for the MVP and each time, he finds himself developing in different aspects that make him who he is now. He is also excited and equally privileged to be able to wear the all-new Nike "Statement" uniforms in his first season with the Thunders.

According to the NBA, the Thunders' new uniform states: "The lead design element of the uniform is the “OKC” on the chest, boldly set in Thunder sunset against the uniform’s primarily navy background. On the back, Thunder blue and navy alternate in tone-on-tone stripes, evoking an image of sound waves." The concept of the uniform according to its description states the city's reputation as a "Loud City."

Thunders' new uniform

The Statement edition jerseys of the Thunders will go on sale beginning November 24, 2017.

Meanwhile, some significant changes in the Nike Statement Uniforms can be expected including of course the appearance of the Nike logo on the front part of the jersey, modified cuts, altered seams. Interestingly, the uniforms are also said to be made of 20 recycled PET bottles.

Meanwhile, it looks like Paul George is moving on after the chaotic issue on tampering against the Los Angeles Lakers.

While he did not have a first hand on the issue, his agent was dragged on the issue after the Lakers were found guilty of dealing with his agent while George is still in contract with the Indiana Pacers.