The Oklahoma City Thunder and its fan base just witnessed a historic season from Russell Westbrook, who garnered 42 triple-doubles during the regular season and dominated in just five games in the playoffs. He worked his tail off every night and stayed healthy throughout the year to average a triple-double, but it all ended five games into the post-season to the Houston Rockets. Where do the Thunder go from here?

Oklahoma City’s free agents

The Thunder have a handful of their own Free Agents this summer, including Taj Gibson, Nick Collison, and Norris Cole.

Meanwhile, Andre Roberson has a qualifying offer and Jerami Grant has a team option, which should be exercised. Gibson joined the Thunder midway through the season, and it’s unclear whether the Thunder have interest in retaining him. It may all depend on what OKC does during free agency. Perhaps they have other power forwards in mind to replace Gibson.

Collison, the long-time veteran, has been with the Thunder his entire career. Unfortunately, to save some cap room, the Thunder may let him walk in free agency. Cole was a mid-season pickup, and the Thunder could opt to bring him back for cheap once again. As for Roberson, the Thunder may have big decisions to make on him. Roberson may look to gamble on himself and accept the qualifying offer or he may look to pull a Tristan Thompson and demand a lot of money as a restricted free agent.

Russell Westbrook needs more help

This whole season, especially the playoffs, proved that Russell Westbrook needs a lot more help. Outside of Westbrook, the team was offensively challenged and was a huge negative every time Westbrook was on the bench. The Thunder may not have much cap room to sign top free agents, but they could always execute a sign-and-trade using Enes Kanter.

Blake Griffin, who is an Oklahoma native, will be the primary target for the Thunder.

If OKC is able to team up Griffin with Westbrook, they would have a deadly offensive big man-little man combo. Both are all-around players on the offensive side and would flourish in pick-and-roll situations. Of course, it would take plenty of energy and effort for the Thunder to lure Griffin, who is more interested in signing with big markets like the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

After losing Kevin Durant last summer, the Thunder played better than most anticipated due to Westbrook’s non-stop motor. He single-handedly carried the team the entire season. Now Sam Presti and the front office must provide more help for the All-Star point guard. Obviously, Westbrook isn’t going anywhere yet since he signed that contract re-negotiation last year, so the Thunder need to show him that they can build around him.