For the past several months, there's been plenty of New York Knicks trade rumors about NBA All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony. Most recently, rumors have popped up that he was only interested in joining the Houston Rockets. Within more recent weeks, the Portland Trail Blazers were being talked about as a possibility. On Friday night, things became more interesting as two more teams were added to the list. As of Saturday afternoon, the Oklahoma City Thunder have made a trade with the Knicks to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

What's the deal?

Late on Friday night, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski had reported that the list of teams Carmelo Anthony would accept a trade to now included the Cleveland Cavaliers and another team.

It was later revealed in an update to the story that the second team was, in fact, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The news of Melo's intention to join the Cavs and Thunder wasn't much of a surprise as both teams already had at least two NBA All-Stars. In Cleveland, he would join his friend LeBron James and possibly Kevin Love or guard Isaiah Thomas, as well as former teammate Derrick Rose. In OKC, he would join two younger stars in Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

On Saturday, it appears an NBA trade was finally agreed upon by the two teams.

According to ESPN, the Oklahoma City Thunder agreed to send big man Enes Kanter and shooter Doug McDermott along with a 2018 NBA Draft pick to the NY Knicks. In exchange, OKC receives multiple-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony, forming what some might call a new "Big Three" for the Thunder.

OKC's new big three

Carmelo Anthony now brings his services to Oklahoma City where he'll join the reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook and fellow All-Star Paul George.

George was just recently acquired by the team in another trade that took place after the NBA Draft.

The trio makes an interesting combination out in Oklahoma City. Carmelo Anthony still is a good player, but his stock has been declining. ESPN dropped him significantly in their Top 100 player rankings, putting him at No. 64 on their list just a notch below rookie Lonzo Ball of the Lakers.

As far as the New York Knicks go, the trade looks like a low-end return in value, although there is an NBA Draft pick involved in the mix. McDermott just could flourish on a rebuilding Knocks team. Kanter will help with the frontcourt, but honestly, it appears the trade was more about New York relieving itself of their Melo issue to move forward.

NBA fans, how do you feel about the big trade between the Knicks and Thunder? Did one team win this trade? Also, will this help OKC be a top contender in the Western Conference to contend with reigning champion Golden State?