Just last week, all of those NBA trade rumors involving Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers finally seemed to end with an actual deal being agreed to. The Boston Celtics agreed to trade their All-Star Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and next year's 2018 Nets' first-round draft pick. That news sent basketball fans into a frenzy as everyone evaluated which team got the better end of the deal. However, a new week has come and now that deal has apparently hit a snag involving Isaiah Thomas. Here's the latest on what's up with the Celtics star and what the Cavs are looking for.

What's the deal?

With any NBA trade that goes down, players are required to have physical examinations to test their health ahead of them arriving to their new teams. That was the case for this latest deal, but unfortunately, a concern was brought up during Isaiah Thomas' exam.

Thomas was sidelined during this past NBA season's playoffs for much of the Eastern Conference Finals due to a hip issue. It's being reported that the same hip issue is raising concerns with the Cavaliers over the "value" of Thomas in terms of this trade. Due to that news, the Cavs seem to want a bit more in the trade before they'll officially approve of it.

What the Cavs want

The Cleveland Cavaliers are asking for a bit more in order for this trade to go through.

They now want either Jaylen Brown or the Celtics' most recent NBA Draft pick, Jayson Tatum. That would bump up the trade considerably in favor of the Cleveland Cavs in terms of what they would get.

It now comes down to how willing Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is to pull the trigger on such a deal. It would mean parting ways with basically next year's pick from the Nets which could bring a considerable talent, as well as one of the Celtics' top three picks in the past two NBA Drafts.

Boston was banking on having both Brown and Tatum as part of their lineup with Irving this coming season.

If Ainge doesn't end up going for the extra asset that the Cavs want, it will cause quite a bit of turmoil for both teams and their players. It would mean Irving stays in Cleveland where he doesn't want to be, and Thomas would return to play for a team that was set to part ways with him after he gave his heart to the team.

The two teams are fittingly scheduled to play one another on the NBA regular season's opening night. That comes on Tuesday, October 17th in Cleveland, Ohio. Will Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas be on opposite teams or exactly where they were when last season ended?