The Boston Celtics are all set to take on the upcoming NBA league, but before that, they might have a few more changes to their team. General Manager Danny Ainge has eventually developed the Celtics into a super team. At this moment, most of the Celtic's fans believe that they are all set to win. Boston holds some of the top players with them. That said, they could easily push their way forward.

It seems that Danny Ainge is going for the long run, and he is building the team to be stronger for the future. NBA trade rumors have been swirling around the Boston Celtics, that is because Ainge is famous for making some surprising moves, just like the Kyrie Irving trade.

The Celtics have acquired Irving from the Cavaliers in a blockbuster trade and many NBA fans never saw that coming.

Ainge might make another move before the trade deadline

Given the present situation, there might not be any chances for the Celtics to make any blockbuster trade deals. Danny Ainge will not trade any of the young core players that he acquired. However, there is also no reason for him to avoid any small trade options.

On the other hand, Boston still has some first-round draft picks, and they could still opt for a low profile move if required. The biggest question is who will the Celtics need after establishing a super team? There are a few names that are said to be linked with the Celtics in a credible way.

These players are not very big NBA stars yet, but they could soon emerge as such.

Derrick Favors, Marco Belinelli, and Clint Capela are on the list

It came as a surprise that Derrick Favors, Marco Belinelli, and Cling Capela are involved in trade rumors with the Celtics. Favors is one player who has a salary package to match the Celtics.

He has one year remaining on his contract and Utah Jazz might just give him up if the Celtics offer them a good deal.

According to Fansided, Joshua Bateman wrote that Marco Belinelli is also one player on the list. Playing for the Atlanta Hawks is not doing him any good and the Celtics would easily have the assets to acquire Belinelli from the Hawks.

Boston could easily give the Hawks some of the draft picks to strike a deal with Atlanta.

The odds for Clint Capela seems to be a little slim, but the Houston Rockets are now trying to push themselves forward. Houston might not want to spend more cap money for Clint Capela. The Boston Celtics just emerged into a bigger team and Ainge will stop at nothing for their victory.