After the Chicago Bulls made poor decisions and few moves in the 2017 offseason, Dwyane Wade decided to make it clear to the organization that he wants to move on and he wants his contract to be bought out. After taking a few months, and giving up over $8 million of his contract, D-Wade and the Chicago Bulls finally agreed to buyout the 35-year old’s contract. As soon as Dwyane became a free agent, many teams started contacting the former all-star, letting him know he would be a great player for their team. But it seemed since the very beginning that only one team really opened Wade’s eyes, and that was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Although the Oklahoma City Thunder, who recently traded for superstar Carmelo Anthony, who is a close friend of Dwyane, the San Antonio Spurs and Wade’s old team, the Miami Heat, all made strong pushes at the shooting guard, he decided to pick the team in Northeast Ohio.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made a lot of moves this summer, especially compared to previous years offseasons. And LeBron James has spoken up on the recent additions, including Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Cedi Osman, Jeff Green and Ante Zizic. But he also talked about his best friend, and the newest addition to the Cavs, Dwyane Wade.

LeBron is excited about the Wade signing

As expected, King James is very excited about the Cleveland Cavaliers and Dwyane Wade agreeing on a one year contract.

During the 2017 Cavaliers media day on Monday, LeBron James talked to reporters about the hypothetical chance of Dwyane signing with the Cavs and he expressed how great of an addition he would be. He talked about his high IQ, and ability to be a great playmaker. During that time, Wade had not yet agreed to a contract with the Cavaliers.

But now the news has spread, and on Tuesday, Dwyane Wade agreed on a veterans minimum, one year $2.3 million deal. During training camp on Wednesday morning, LeBron had the chance to talk to reporters now that the signing has been agreed on, and expressed his excitement for the reunion of his best friend as a teammate. LeBron said:

“He’s one of my best friends..

he’s a dynamic piece who adds more depth… We are honest with each other and can get on each other… it’s a brotherhood we have”

LeBron was also glad that the Cavaliers grabbed Wade while they could stating, “I’m happy we kept him away from other teams”. It’s no secret players minds can be changed quickly, and another team could’ve offered Wade more money or made a strong appeal that could’ve persuaded the veteran.

This team could be something special

Five all-stars. Yes, the Cleveland Cavaliers have five potential all-stars on their squad.

LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Isaiah Thomas were all all-stars last season. But for Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, they have a very strong chance at being all-stars once again this season, and signed veteran’s minimum contracts to join Cleveland. Wade had been an all-star for 12 straight seasons before it came to an end last season. Although he had a solid season in Chicago, he just missed out on the all-star roster. Derrick Rose also slightly missed the game too, as he had a great season in New York and would love to get back to that superstar level he showed on the Chicago Bulls. With a few former Eastern Conference superstars, including Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and Jimmy Butler heading out West, this opens up a higher chance for five of the Cavaliers stars to make the all-star team this season. It would be something that has rarely ever been done before.