Current Chicago Bulls superstar shooting guard Dwyane Wade has been in the news recently regarding his future in the league and the team he might possibly join next. The rumor that D-Wade is looking for a buyout from the Bulls has been spread in recent months and the likelihood of the buyout occurring is becoming more and more likely.

With all the talk about the Bulls shooting guard, and where he might end up after he completes a buyout, there have been rumors of D-Wade wanting to head back to the team that drafted him and where he spent his prime years, the Miami Heat.

And there have also been many rumors that Wade wants to take his talents to Northeast Ohio, to join his longtime friend LeBron James and his teammates, isaiah thomas, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Kyle Korver and the rest. This would be a great opppurtunity for Dwyane to attempt to win another championship before his career comes to an end.

Wade says he is in close contact with LeBron

In a recent interview with TMZ, Dwyane Wade talked to a reporter before entering a vehicle and told him some interesting details. When asked if he will team up with a long time best friend and former teammate in Cleveland this season, Dwyane stated:

"On the cellphone we text each other... I'm going to join him for dinner this week somewhere."

What Wade has said has brought attention to many NBA fans around the world.

He may not have admitted to wanting to join Cleveland, but his words give many hints into his intentions. Of course they have always been good friends and always been likely to hang out with each other, but as the season draws closer and the rumors start to become louder and louder, these comments from Wade draw a lot of interest.

The Cavaliers can become even better

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a solid roster they have kept intact for the last three seasons, and the team has been quite successful with three straight trips to the Finals and one NBA championship. But due to recent trades and signings, the Cavaliers are looking a little bit different this season.

Isaiah Thomas will be out for the first few months due to a hip injury, but he will be a new face heading into the playoffs for Cleveland. 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose will also be a new figure in a Cavaliers uniform this season, and the possibility of Dwyane Wade also signing and a trade for another superstar name like DeMarcus Cousins is likely. We will just have to wait and see what happens.