The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to sit back and relax next season if these NBA stars are indeed planning to join their roster. According to the latest rumors, LeBron James' possible road to the Lakers was made stronger by the Chicago Bulls' plan to buy out Dwyane Wade. That said, the two NBA stars were recently spotted having dinner in Los Angeles, possibly talking about the shift? James' utmost, has fulfilled his promise to bring the championship to Cleveland and he has nothing more to prove than his promise.

The Metro reported that Dwyane's case is more complex as he is seen going back to Miami or if things start looking up for him, the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to the Miami Herald, despite LeBron James expecting his former teammate to end up with the Cavs, a source told the Metro that Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers were likely contenders to acquire him again.

Dwyane Wade buyout

The Chicago media, on the other hand, denied rumors that there is a pending buyout on Dwyane Wade or any of its players. Moreover, Wade has not hinted on leaving the Bulls after this season. Another NBA star is also caught in the Lakers rumor after Paul George, prior to being traded with the Thunders expressed his eagerness to join the team.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Wade's latest Instagram post showed him and Paul George working out together in Malibu, California. With both players being linked to the Los Angeles Lakers, fans can't help but think there might be something that needs to be talked about.

But Wade has also been spotted working out with several other players, which means it could be a routine and shouldn't be taken out of context.

The Lakers franchise latest update

As for the Lakers, the franchise was recently been slapped with a $500,000 fine after investigations revealed tampering violation on Paul George's trade.

According to reports, the Lakers have been in contact with George's agent after he was traded to the Thunders; a move that violates the NBA's governing laws. The franchise has since apologized amid the threat of Indiana Pacers owner filing a separate law suit.

The NBA is looking ahead of the brand new season but 10 months from now, things could be different with all the players heading to free agency and specific teams in mind. Albeit Kyrie Irving's request to be traded, LeBron is committed to playing for the Cavs and is currently completing his Asian Tour before training camp begins.