Ezekiel Elliot is still facing a six game suspension. The Dallas Cowboys' star running back still has to face the music at some point. However, he did gain a huge win this week when a federal judge halted the suspension after granting Elliott a temporary restraining order.

Elliott already would have been able to play in the Dallas Cowboys' season opener against the New York Giants. Now, Forbes reports that Ezekiel Elliott will likely get to play the entire season as his legal drama plays out.

Ezekiel Elliott's legal claim points finger at NFL

Those who have been following Ezekiel Elliott's legal drama know that the star running back hadn't even run out of options yet when a federal judge granted his request for a temporary restraining order that would allow him to play.

If that had not been successful, Zeke planned to take things a step further by appealing to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for an immediate stay. Thankfully that was not necessary.

Elliott and his team argue that the NFL mishandled his case and unfairly punished him for allegations of domestic violence waged by Tiffany Thompson.

Roger Goodell makes another blunder

Less than a month ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Ezekiel Elliott would be serving a six game suspension. Goodell said that the suspension was Ezekiel's penalty after a league-led investigation concluded that Zeke was guilty of abusing his former girlfriend last year.

Ezekiel Elliott denied the charges and claimed that he was the victim of a botched investigation.

After all, law enforcement in Columbus, Ohio opted not to pursue charges against Elliott after they investigated but the NFL still continued despite the findings of local investigators.

It was also learned that, despite assigning a four member team to investigate on behalf of the NFL, the lead investigator didn't want to pursue the suspension.

Kia Roberts questioned the credibility of Tiffany Thompson and did not want to suspend Ezekiel Elliott.

The NFL has continued to want to punish Elliott despite disagreements between those tasked with the investigation. Many are calling this one of Roger Goodell's worst decisions since becoming the NFL commissioner.

While Ezekiel Elliott hasn't made an official statement after learning that he will likely play the entire season for the Dallas Cowboys, he did post on Instagram after his victory. Zeke wrote, "Momma told me if ya fall never stay down."