The Dallas Cowboys were looking at getting off to a hot start in the 2017 Nfl Season with second-year starters Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott ready to build off their amazing rookie seasons. However, at least one of those stars might not be around for the first two games of the season. The NFL looks like they are going to hand down a two-game suspension to Ezekiel for an alleged domestic abuse complaint leveled against him. While no charges were filed and there are doubts that Elliott did anything wrong at all, the NFL can suspend a player for any reason, even if that player is innocent of any wrong doing.

The Ezekiel Elliott domestic complaint

The incident with Ezekiel Elliott happened in July 2016 before Elliott made his NFL debut for the Dallas Cowboys. The complaint was from a woman who said that Elliott had assaulted her multiple times in a one-week period. There was also an instance where she told the police that he assaulted her in a car. The police investigated the alleged assault and witnesses who were there testified that Elliott didn’t do anything wrong. Elliott also said he didn’t do anything and just wanted to move on and put the woman and the situation behind him.

This suspension seems a little strange since there are sources close to the situation that claims that the NFL wants to pin something on Ezekiel Elliott – whether he did anything wrong or not.

The NFL has a habit of punishing players where there is no actual evidence to prove anything happened. The NFL suspended Ben Roethlisberger when domestic assault complaints arose about him but no charges were filed and nothing was proven.

The NFL suspended Tom Brady for four games even though there was no proof that he had anything to do with the Deflategate scandal.

The NFL suspended New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton for an entire year for Bounty Gate and later they were found to be stepping over their bounds but it was too late for Payton. The NFL just likes to hand down suspensions to try to act like they are trying to do something good – even if it means punishing people who have done nothing wrong.

Dallas Cowboys running back situation

Ezekiel Elliott is working on his response to the NFL after getting the report from the NFL on the alleged assault investigation. However, the Dallas Cowboys running back expects the NFL to suspend him even though he said nothing happened with the woman who made the accusations. If Elliott misses the first two games of the 2017 NFL season, it is likely that Darren McFadden will step in and start the games for him.