For Dwyane Wade, it's almost time to leave and move on after fulfilling his dream of playing for the Chicago Bulls. According to ESPN, Wade agreed to leave $8 million from his $23.8 million contract in order to settle a buyout that will make him a free agent. With several teams lining up to acquire the veteran, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the predominant team to get the green light from Wade. Interested teams also include the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the San Antonio Spurs.

Speaking to the Associated Press on Sunday night, Wade said: "I'm going to take tonight and some of tomorrow and speak to the teams or players that are on my list and go from there.

My decision is a pure basketball decision." He also mentioned that his choices will be based on what is best for his career at this point and to be able to join a team that needs his talent to prosper.

Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat

Meanwhile, Pat Riley, president of the Miami Heat hinted that they will always be interested in signing Dwyane Wade again. Any opportunity presented to them will be taken into consideration and that's probably why the Miami Heat keeps creeping up on the list of teams for Wade. The Chicago Bulls had also expressed their desire to rebuild after trading Jimmy Butler and offering a contract to Nikola Mirotic while opting out on re-signing Rajon Rondo.

Despite the fallout between the Chicago Bulls and Dwyane Wade, the latter took to Twitter to express his appreciation for the team and his fans in Chicago.

For now, the Heat has the most money to offer with an apparent $4.2 million on the table. The rest of the teams include:

  • San Antonio Spurs $3.3 million
  • Cleveland Cavaliers $2.5 million
  • Oklahoma City Thunder $2.3 million

Previously, Dwyane Wade was seen working out with LeBron James and Paul George on separate occasions, sparking rumors that the three NBA stars are planning on joining the Lakers next season.

It now looks like that wasn't the case and Wade may have pushed for the buyout to consider his options with the Thunders or the Cavaliers. But like what he said, he will take his time to choose the team that needs his talent.

One season with the Chicago Bulls

In an interview with Chicago Tribune's K.C Johnson, Wade said: "I just felt it was time for me, turning 36, that I want to be competing for a championship." He further mentioned that while they were able to reach the playoffs, the franchise had other plans, which he says he respects.