The NBA offseason is coming to an end as training camps are set to begin next week. Everyone seems to be very hyped and excited about the upcoming regular season, especially with all the changes the NBA has made this offseason. New super teams are forming like the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics in the hopes of dethroning the Golden State Warriors next season. Here are a few more updates on the NBA offseason:

Could Wade be bought out next season?

The Chicago Bulls have had a major rebuild this offseason by trading away NBA All-Star forward Jimmy Butler for Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine.

With the Bulls getting ready for a complete rebuild, Dwyane Wade becomes the odd man out as he looks to join a team that can give him another chance at the NBA Championship. Rumors have already gone around about Wade being potentially bought out for next season, but neither camp has confirmed it just yet. The Score has reported that Bulls Vice President of Basketball Operations John Paxson recently said in an interview that they are willing to work with Wade on a potential buyout.

Paxson said that they have already had several dialogues with Wade's NBA representatives, but they are still waiting for a direct conversation with Dwyane Wade. They want to work with Wade as the organization has very high respect and regard for Wade but they also want to be able to make a move that benefits the Chicago Bulls.

Paxson, later on, said that nothing is final and they will just have to wait for Wade to reach out directly.

Can Wade still make an impact on a winning team?

Dwyane Wade has been in the NBA league since 2003 and he has been one of the most prolific and athletic players that have ever played in the NBA. He has won numerous awards including the following: three-time NBA champion, 2006 Finals Most Valuable Player, 2009 scoring champion, 12-time NBA All-Star, eight-time NBA All Team selection, and the all-time leading scorer and all-time assist leader of the Miami Heat.

Now that Wade is entering his 15th NBA season this offseason, we can all ask the question whether Wade can still have an impact on a winning team. His health issues and his aging body are certainly factors.

There have been numerous rumors that have been linked to Wade about him going to either the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Houston Rockets.

With the possible deal of Carmelo Anthony going to the Houston Rockets, it seems very likely that if Wade does want to go to an NBA championship team he would go to Cleveland and reunite with LeBron James. But we also cannot ignore the possibility of Wade coming back to Miami Heat this offseason and staying there until he eventually retires.