Dwyane Wade is no stranger when it comes to contract negotiations. Though he still holds a one-year deal with the Chicago Bulls, the belief is that both will eventually part ways. The only question now is when.

Wade is owed $23.8 million for the 2017-18 NBA season. However, the veteran guard had already indicated that he wanted a buyout. To date, there is no credible update on that – clearly indicating that the whole thing has now become a game of “chicken.” The veteran guard is maximizing his patience and prefers to see the Bulls make the first move.

Reasonable deal

The Bulls could gain a bit of flexibility if they opt to buy Wade out. The team seems to be unloading its veteran stars, something that started with the departure of Jimmy Butler. The rising star forward was dealt to the Minnesota Timberwolves on NBA draft night.

Wade may follow Butler soon. The fact that he is waiting for management to make the first move speaks a lot of his maturity. So the only concern right now is on whether the buyout would be acceptable.

NBA training camp is just around the corner. Wade would prefer to work with a team that he would be actually playing with this season. The NBA regular season opens this October.

At some point, Wade and Bulls management will sit down and talk.

That could be the turning point with both sides wanting to prepare for the coming season without distractions.

The Bulls already have a lot of work to do. They are in semi-rebuilding mode and working with players who will actually comprise the team would be best.

Where will Wade go?

At 35, Wade is aware that his playing years are nearing a close.

There are several teams who have expressed interest in the three-time NBA champion’s services.

The teams include the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat are open to adding the veteran guard – something that may be potentially his last hurrah.

Joining Cleveland would reunite him with bosom buddy LeBron James.

Returning to the South Beach makes a lot of sense though it was previously reported that he would be coming off the bench and given lower pay.

Joining the Lakers could be a curious move. The purple and gold are looking for veteran players to help bring in experience and guide the young players in LA. Wade could give guys like Lonzo Ball or Jordan Clarkson some tips as both look to improve on their respective games.

Of the three, however, Wade may only have a chance to start with the Cavs. The Heat and the Lakers are likely to turn to their younger guys, meaning D-Wade will spell them at certain points. Will he end up filling that shooting guard hole in Cleveland?