The latest WWE news reports have indicated that current WWE "SmackDown Live" Commissioner Shane Mcmahon was involved in a helicopter emergency Crash Landing. The good news is that it appears McMahon is doing OK in terms of his health following the scare. Here are the latest details on the report of Shane McMahon's Helicopter Crash on Wednesday in New York.

What happened?

According to an ESPN report on Wednesday, Shane McMahon, the son of WWE's CEO Vince McMahon, was traveling as a passenger in a Robinson R44 helicopter right off New York. The copter pilot ended up needing to make an emergency landing and did so, in the Atlantic Ocean below.

The helicopter successfully made the landing just near Gilgo Beach, New York, with the pilot and Shane both unharmed.

The copter was eventually seen bobbing in the ocean on Wednesday morning, with yellow pontoons circling the aircraft. After the incident, McMahon spoke of the situation being "unnerving," but added that the pilot was "super calm" which helped make a smooth landing. Shane even sent out a tweet a bit ago, to thank his pilot, the Coast Guard and "the man upstairs" for leaving the situation unharmed.

As of this report, it's unclear what exactly what went wrong to cause the helicopter pilot to call in that he'd be making an emergency landing.

However, the good news is of course, that Shane and the pilot both walked away fine afterwords.

Fans showing support

Today's tweet from Shane was his first in just about two weeks. For the most part, WWE fans have shown their concern and support over what went on Wednesday morning with Shane McMahon's helicopter situation. Many wrestling fans mentioned they were glad Shane is OK and that his safety is the most important thing in the situation.

Of course, the incident didn't stop some WWE fans from having fun posting memes on Twitter involving Shane. One particular tweet showed Shane making a jump from a helicopter using an image his famous jump off the Hell in a Cell cage onto the Undertaker at a WWE PPV. Others made use of his entrance shuffle, or him giving a "thumbs up" from a stretcher from a previous WWE storyline.

Shane McMahon currently works as the "SmackDown Live" Commissioner making major decisions on the WWE's Tuesday night show on USA network. He was featured on last night's live episode from Birmingham, Alabama in a backstage segment with members of the "SmackDown Live" women's division. It's unknown if Shane will be a part of this Sunday's WWE "Battleground" pay-per-view event which will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.